3 Advantages of Motorized Shades That Will Make You Rethink Your Manual Shades

25 Jun 3 Advantages of Motorized Shades That Will Make You Rethink Your Manual Shades

Upgrade Your Traditional Blinds and Drapes with Smart, Beautiful Shading Solutions

Home automation is known by and large for the convenience it offers homeowners, and motorized shading plays a significant role. Manually adjusting the blinds and drapes around your Nashville, TN home is a daily recurring task, which means automating them to lift and lower on their own reserves several minutes of your day to enjoy elsewhere.

But saving time isn’t the only benefit to automating your home’s blinds, shades, and drapes. Below, we explore three unique advantages of motorized window treatments that traditional shades can’t beat.

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Trick Burglars into Thinking You’re Home

When preparing to leave home for an extended period, you likely lower your shades and close your blinds to keep your property protected from the sun and outside onlookers. But if your window treatments say closed for too long, potential burglars may suspect you’re not home and find it the perfect time to attempt a break-in.

Keep potential trespassers at bay by scheduling your shades to lift and lower at specific times of the day to create the illusion that you and your family are home. You can also remotely check in on the status of your shades or adjust them from your smartphone—no matter where you are. You’ll feel safer while you’re away, and intruders will think again before approaching your house.


Better Regulate Your Sleep

If you struggle with waking up in the morning, your bedroom shades may be part of the problem. While light-blocking window treatments can encourage better sleep at night, they may have a negative effect on your body’s internal clock that tells you when it’s time to wake and when to go to bed.

By replacing your traditional bedroom shades with light-blocking motorized shades, you can schedule them to lower when it’s time to sleep and then lift in harmony with your alarm clock in the morning to let in natural light. By creating the right lighting conditions at the right time, your brain will know when to produce cortisol, the hormone that helps you feel awake and ready to go once you see that burst of sunlight. Before you know it, you’ll feel sleepier at night and more energized in the morning.


Elevate Your Home’s Interior Décor

Motorized window treatments aren’t just smart—they’re beautiful, too. For example, Lutron’s luxury line of Palladiom shades (pictured above) is designed to effortlessly complement any home’s interior design. The Palladiom collection is sleek and sophisticated, subtly enhancing the look of your home without taking away from other key pieces of artwork or furniture.

Palladiom shades come in a variety of fabric materials, colors, patterns, and opacity levels for a personalized touch in every room around your home. Their brackets and hembars are also available in several finishes, such as pure white, satin nickel, black anodized, and clear anodized.

By choosing motorized window treatments from Lutron’s Palladiom collection, you’ll enjoy the convenience of automated shades that are also beautiful from every angle.


Ready to upgrade the traditional shades in your home? As Tennessee’s trusted smart home automation experts, we’re ready to help elevate your property today. For more information on motorized shading or to learn how to get started, contact us by filling out our online form, or send us a live chat below!

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