3 Benefits You’ll Reap with a Custom Home Network Installation

16 Oct 3 Benefits You’ll Reap with a Custom Home Network Installation

Get the Performance You Need for All Your Online Activities and More

These days, setting up your own home network isn’t very difficult if you want basic internet coverage. The web offers thousands of tutorials for DIY home network installations, and several internet service providers even include a basic router/modem package when you purchase internet service from them.

But basic internet coverage doesn’t cut it anymore as we shift to remote work, online school, and streaming 4K entertainment. You need high-speed performance and reliability for all your online activities and connected devices now and in the future. That’s where our networking experts at Prodigy can help.

Keep reading to learn three benefits you’ll happily reap with a professional home network installation for your Franklin, TN home.

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Work-Worthy Internet Performance

If you’re working from home, you can’t afford slowed production or missed meetings because of poor internet—especially if it makes the difference between winning or losing a sale. Our enterprise-grade networking solutions ensure you receive work-worthy internet so you can stay connected during critical events like sales calls and client video meetings. Gain lightning-fast upload speeds for crystal-clear video conferencing and even take your Wi-Fi work calls to the patio without worrying you’ll lose connection.


All the Streaming Your Heart Desires

We’ve living in the streaming era. Not only do platforms like Netflix and Prime Video offer all our favorite decades-old sitcoms and movies, but exclusive content continues to make waves. We can even ditch cable and stream live TV now. A custom home network design and installation will empower you to enjoy 4K and high-fidelity streaming to your heart’s desire! Say goodbye to buffering and keep everyone online at the same time for TV, movies, gaming, music, online learning, and more.


A Strong Foundation for Your Smart Home

Homes are becoming increasingly connected. Everything from video doorbells and voice control assistants to comprehensive home automation systems and high-performance AV devices require lots of bandwidth and, therefore, a strong network infrastructure to function the way they’re supposed to. Our home network solutions enable you to enjoy the best of your technologies today while offering ample room for growth in the future. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing your critical smart home systems will work reliably around the clock.


You deserve unwavering internet speeds and performance for work, leisure, and your growing smart home. For a connection you can trust, contact Prodigy! We’ll work with you to assess your existing home network, recommend upgrades, and deliver a custom solution that supports your unique needs. Start today by reaching out here or sending us a live chat below to speak with a team member now.

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