3 Home Network Improvements You Need Now

15 Feb 3 Home Network Improvements You Need Now

A Growing Smart Home Relies on a Robust Network Installation

The number of connected (or IoT) devices is growing at a rapid pace across the globe as technology continues to change the way we live our lives. Just look at your smart home. How many connected devices are helping you run a simpler, safer, more convenient lifestyle in Nashville, TN?

Chances are your smart home isn’t done growing. As more devices come online in the home and demand more data, your current network must be able to stand the test of your increasingly connected life.

With an upgraded home network installationby our team at Prodigy AV, we can ensure your smart home is protected now and into the future at any scale. Keep reading to learn three improvements you’ll experience with an upgraded network.

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 Tighter Network Security

A smart home is nothing without a secure network. As you connect more of your life online, cybersecurity is an absolute must when it comes to operating your home’s integrated devices. Keep your home guarded and your family safe from digital threats with complex password protections, upgraded firmware, a virtual private network, anti-virus software, firewalls, and more.

Our team can put reliable digital protections in place that will help identify and quarantine threats that may come your way. No matter the scale of your devices, we’ll make sure your network is robust and reliable around the clock to keep your home safe.

Faster Network Speeds

It goes without saying that a growing smart home adds strain to your network, which can significantly slow its speed. As you add more connected devices to your home, your network must be able to facilitate communication between all of them for fast, reliable responses.

Think of all of the solutions in your home that talk to your network: your smartphone, entertainment system, security system, lighting, thermostat, computer, smart locks, motorized shades, and maybe even your irrigation system. The list goes on. Your devices require a wide range of data and depend on a robust, reliable network to operate properly.

Don’t know the limitations of your current network equipment? We can help you determine if your network has the strength to keep up. Our team specializes in wi-fi solutions that offer homeowners secure coverage for their properties.

More Reliable Network Connections

Perhaps your home network is fast and has all the right protections in place, but how often do you experience loss in network connection? Your smart devicescan’t work the way they’re supposed to when they constantly lose connection to the internet.

Our team is comprised of experts who use enterprise-quality components to ensure a high-performance network that you can count on. Instead of a spotty connection, you’ll experience a network that is efficient and effective around the clock, no matter the size of your smart home.

A little preparation goes a long way when you make sure your home network is thoughtfully designed and healthy to sustain a growing smart home. Let our team at Prodigy AV help you every step of the way. Just contact us hereor send a live chat below to get started.

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