3 Ways to Improve the Conference Room Experience at Work

21 May 3 Ways to Improve the Conference Room Experience at Work

Make Workplace Meetings More Effective with the Right AV Technology

Amid the health crisis, several businesses in Brentwood, TN and throughout the country have resorted to remote operations. While this may be the new normal for now, offices will eventually reopen for business as usual. After all, in-person communication and collaboration play a key role in speedy decision making and improved productivity.

Returning to the workplace will be a great opportunity to reassess the effectiveness of your conference room meetings. How can you make them more efficient to help reduce wasted time? The answer mainly comes down to your conference room audio-video technology. Below, we’ve listed three solutions you should implement to make meetings faster, better, and more productive when your staff returns.

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Make Video Conferencing Easier with Better AV Solutions

According to a 2019 Impact of Video Conferencing survey, 78% of respondents said they rely on video for productive team meetings. Video conferencing can instantly connect staff and clients face to face, no matter where they are. This solution reduces costly travel and enables more flexible work styles.

However, video conferencing is only as effective as the equipment you use to power it. You need video conferencing technology that works reliably around the clock and is easy for anyone on your team to use. Not only is the right hardware necessary for quality video conferencing, such as displays and microphones, but your office network must be able to support the heavy bandwidth that video conferencing uses. Our team can help you choose the right solutions that support your operations.

Facilitate a Comfortable and Collaborative Environment

The modern workplace is collaborative, revolving heavily around communication and relationships. Make sure your conference rooms are set up so that on-site and off-site meeting attendees can work together easily and with little interference.

Advanced conference room technology can enhance the workplace experience, especially for those who are off-site. Here’s where robust video conferencing technology is useful again. The right video conferencing technology paired with a reliable network connection will make remote meeting attendees feel like they’re physically present, even if they’re in a different country entirely.

For those who are on-site, make sure your conference room environment is spacious, has comfortable seating, and is properly designed to mitigate strained eyes and necks during long meetings. Proper lighting and temperature are also essential for a productive environment, which can be customized with a room control system that integrates lights, shades, climate, and more into one easy-to-use interface.

Train Employees on Conference Room Best Practices

Poor office etiquette can derail otherwise productive meetings. For example, starting meetings late or not ending meetings on time shows disrespect for staff members’ schedules. Additionally, keeping the conference room door open can distract those working outside the conference room.

Make sure employees understand your company policies related to booking and using conference rooms. In fact, a conference room booking system can help streamline and simplify the process of booking meetings, reserving timeslots for future meetings, and notifying all staff members of any changed meeting times. Proper meeting etiquette paired with streamlined conference room booking technology will minimize interruptions and help meetings run much more effectively.

Facilitate better meetings and reduce wasted time with conference room technology that supports collaboration and productivity. Prodigy AV can design and install customized solutions that meet the needs of your business. To plan your project, contact our team here or send us a live chat below.


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