4 Must-Have Smart Home Accessories to Integrate with Control4

14 Apr 4 Must-Have Smart Home Accessories to Integrate with Control4

Manage Your Home’s Most Vital Functions in One Fell Swoop

When it comes to your smart home, personalized control is an absolute must. Every homeowner in Franklin, TN is different, which means their smart home system should be custom-tailored to meet their unique needs.

As a certified Control4 dealer, we can customize your smart home system to control nearly every device and system in your house in easy and fun to use ways—and all from the same platform! From motorized window treatments and thermostats to door locks and more, read on to view our list of four must-have home devices to integrate with your Control4 system.

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Motorized Window Treatments

With motorized window treatments, you can control every shade, blind, or drape in your home from the convenience of a hand-held remote, on-wall keypad, mobile app, or voice control. Command window treatments in a single room, multiple rooms, or throughout your whole property at the touch of a button.

For hands-off control, you can schedule your window treatments to lift and lower on their own. For example, your bedroom shades can rise with the sun as you wake up to start your day and lower with the sun in the evening as you prepare for rest.

Whether you’re looking for ways to simplify your daily routine, lower your energy consumption, or improve your home’s privacy, motorized window treatments check every box. With your Control4 remote or touchscreen, easily adjust window treatments to your liking even while you’re away from home.



Smart thermostats help you maintain optimal temperature throughout your home without overtaxing your HVAC system. With advanced presets and scheduling features, smart thermostats consistently deliver the right level of comfort in the most efficient way possible.

Easily adjust your thermostat from the comfort of your couch or while you’re at the office by using the Control4 mobile app. Control the temperature of certain rooms with temperature sensors and set your thermostat to eco-mode when you’re away. Your thermostat will even respond to seasonal changes or the humidity in your home.

Though Control4 offers its own smart thermostat, Control4 also integrates with hundreds of other third-party devices, including smart thermostats from Nest, Honeywell, and more.


Door Locks

Smart door locks offer a virtual key to your home, giving you the ability to lock and unlock your doors from anywhere. When leaving for the day or going to sleep, you’ll never have to wonder if the front door is unsecured. Just open your Control4 app and check the status of your doors right away. If they’re still unlocked, simply tap the corresponding lock icon to secure them.

Smart door locks can also send you real-time alerts to your smartphone when someone enters or attempts to enter your home. Assign personalized passcodes for your kids, family, cleaners, and visitors so you know who is entering and when. Control4 integrates with several smart lock brands, including Baldwin, Kwikset, and Yale.


Light Fixtures

Smart lighting control is highly customizable, enabling you to manage certain fixtures, whole-room lighting, or whole-home lighting with a hand-held remote, on-wall keypad, mobile app, or by voice. With Control4, your lighting is no longer just a utility but also an aesthetic that creates the ideal environment for movie-viewing, relaxing with family, cooking in the kitchen, and more.

Control4 also makes hands-free lighting control possible by allowing you to schedule lights to turn on and off at certain times of the day. Your lights can even sense when you’re arriving in the evening and will illuminate your pathway and interior spaces to welcome you home. Motion sensors provide hands-free illumination when walking to the restroom in the middle of the night. They’ll also trigger your lights to turn off when no one is occupying a room, closet, or hallway.


We’ve only scratched the surface of the possibilities of a Control4 smart home. Learn more about integrating your home functions with Control4 for a simplified and sophisticated way of controlling your entire property. Whether you’re new to Control4 or want to upgrade your current system, we’re here to help. Contact our team here or send us a live chat below now. We look forward to assisting you.

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