Add Value to Your Next Project with a Dedicated Home Theater

24 Sep Add Value to Your Next Project with a Dedicated Home Theater

Elevate Any Property with Top-Notch, Cinematic Solutions

With any new property you are designing or building, you’re likely counting the ways you can ensure that property stands out among the rest. One way to take a project to a new level is by installing a dedicated home theater for your homeowners to enjoy.

From high-fidelity speakers and an immersive display to comfortable, luxurious seating, there are a variety of features that a custom-made theater can bring to your Nashville, TN residential properties that are sure to give your clients an unparalleled entertainment space.

Teaming up with a trusted home theater installer like Prodigy AV is key to the overall success of your project. And with our team’s expertise and industry knowledge, your homeowners will end up with a home theater setup that’s both beautiful and innovative. Want to find out more? Just keep reading below.



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High-End Cinematic Speakers

The way a theater sounds has a significant impact on the entire viewing experience it provides. You want your homeowners to be enveloped in crisp, crystal-clear audio that brings them right into the movie or show’s story – making them choose their home theater over the local town cinema every time.

By installing standing speakers from leading audio brands like James Loudspeaker and Monitor Audio or in-surface speakers from Sonance, you can craft the perfect surround sound setup in any environment. Include speakers at the front and back of the room as well as in-wall and in-ceiling speakers above and around the listeners’ heads – this way, audio is hitting them from all angles, delivering an immersive, detailed performance.

High-quality surround sound means your clients will be able to hear every last line of dialogue, find themselves immersed in a scene’s sound effects, and feel moved by a film’s score and soundtrack. It’s bringing the absolute immersion of a commercial cinema to the home, packaged in one dedicated room.


Incredible TV Displays and Projectors

As much as sound makes up a huge component of a home theater, video quality and image display might have an even bigger part to play. After all, this is what the viewers will take in immediately when a movie begins.

To bring the feeling of a commercial theater to this space, you’ll want a flat-screen TV or projector-screen setup in place to deliver a vivid, detailed image from every corner of the room. 4K and 8K displays from Sony deliver life-like visuals that draw the viewers in and keep their eyes glued to the outstanding display. Alternatively, a projector and screen combination can really bring that epic, theatrical feel to any home theater setup. Just a press of a button can lower a hidden screen and ceiling projector, turning them on and having them ready for a movie or TV show marathon.

Accompanying home automation in the theater can elevate it even more, just as it would the rest of a smart home. Lighting control and motorized shades can set the right mood and atmosphere in the theater, and a smart thermostat can get the environment feeling cozy and comfortable. It’s easy to make a client’s home cinema the best environment for entertainment and media-viewing at any moment.


Want to learn more about home theater installations for your future properties and design-build projects, and how one can add value to any residential space? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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