Are You Worried Motorized Shades Aren’t the Right Fit?

15 Oct Are You Worried Motorized Shades Aren’t the Right Fit?

Common Shading Misconceptions Could Be Keeping a Great Solution at Bay

You may have heard some of the benefits of motorized shades from safety to energy savings. But does that necessarily mean they’re the right fit for your Franklin, TN home? Before adding them, you need to know they’ll match your décor, your budget, and your day-to-day lifestyle. Over the years, we’ve noticed certain misconceptions, in particular, make clients reluctant to incorporate motorized shades.

Do you worry about having to deal with ugly window treatments? Are you reluctant to run wires through your existing home? Not a fan of the handheld remotes that typically come with motorized shades? Our latest blog addresses all of these concerns directly, so you have all the information needed before deciding whether or not to incorporate motorized shades.

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  • They’re Too Loud

One source of anxiety when using motorized shades in bedrooms or media rooms is noise. Loud motors could wake a sleeping baby or ruin the movie, practically nullifying any other benefits the motorized shades have to offer. Our shading partners, Lutron, use ultra-quiet drivers that are impossible to perceive when shades start moving, as they move, and when they come to a stop.

  • They Come in Limited Styles

Roller shades are by far the most popular form of motorized shades, and many shading companies only offer that model. Make sure your new shades match your décor by working with Lutron’s wide-ranging solutions. Enjoy multiple fabric and color varieties for all window treatments. Expand beyond roller shades to incorporate drapes, wood blinds, and roman shades.

  • They’re Hard to Install

Running wires is the preferred way to install motorized shades, but we understand that’s not always the best option for our clients. A lot of retrofit projects work best with Lutron’s wireless shading systems. Reduce your installation cost and times while still maintaining most of the shading models and control options you’d have with Lutron’s high-end hardwired systems.

  • They Only Work on Certain Windows

Big windows require a lot of custom work to cover.  It’s no surprise that many people think there won’t be motorized shades solutions available for them. But size is not a deal-breaker when it comes to motorized shades. There are heavy-duty bracket options ideal for atriums or window walls. Palladiom models from Lutron, in particular, can cover windows up to 12-feet-by-12-feet.

  • They’ll Be Hard to Control

Remotes are the most common way to manage motorized shades, but other options are available if that doesn’t feel natural in your day to day. Enjoy control from on-wall keypads, dedicated touchpads, or voice commands. After meeting with you, our shading experts will design a custom solution with the control options that make the most sense for your family.


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