Bring Whole Home Audio to Every Last Corner of Your Space

17 Sep Bring Whole Home Audio to Every Last Corner of Your Space

Hidden In-Surface Speakers Lets You Hear Your Audio – Not See It

Imagine pressing a button and your favorite artist’s tunes filling up your entire Nashville, TN living space, moving from one room to the next. This is what a top-notch whole home audio system can do for your lifestyle.

But while having high-end audio stream to every last area of your house, you might wonder how you can add these smart solutions to your home without intruding on your interior design. The great news is that Sonance offers speakers that can bring your style and surround sound together seamlessly.

Want to find out more about these hidden audio solutions? Keep reading on below.

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Sonance In-Surface Speakers

Experiencing high-fidelity audio performance, or installing any smart technologies, shouldn’t mean sacrificing your interior design and aesthetics. Sonance has both in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that go unnoticed while still delivering unbelievable sound quality. It’s the best of both worlds. Let’s dive into the various types you have to choose from.


Visual Performance Series: With a low-profile grill that is nearly invisible once painted to match your wall or ceiling color and comes in three different shapes and sizes, this speaker can adapt to any area in your home. It has varying performance levels and a consistent appearance that makes it an ideal choice for installation anywhere throughout your property.

Architectural Series: Want the ultimate performance and style combined? This speaker takes this merge of design and function to the next level. Its grille is bezel-less and completely flush with the surface so that it disappears into it. Not only does the speaker have a clean, modern look, but its incredible driver materials and innovative design elevate its audio delivery in every way.

Invisible Series: Maybe you don’t want to see a single sign or trace of your Sonance speakers. Then the invisible series is the choice for you. Installed completely behind the surface of your walls and ceilings, this series is best for ambient music playing in a specific room or throughout your home. It’s audio without any audio equipment in sight.


Style and Functionality: Integrate with Your Smart Systems

Our team believes your smart technology should never inhibit your personal style and design preferences. And with these Sonance speakers in place, you can easily keep your home’s existing décor intact. Large loudspeakers and exposed wiring aren’t necessary to enjoy a new album or dance playlist stream as you make dinner or relax by the pool.

And by integrating your speakers with your Crestron or Control4 smart home system, you can make controlling your whole home audio as easy as managing the lighting control or lowering the motorized shades. Decide which rooms play a song – if all of them do or just one – adjust volume, switch playlists, and turn the entire audio system on and off with no hassle at all.

Incorporating your multi-room audio into the rest of your smart home is a breeze and simplifies entertaining and enjoying your music and media at home.



Want to learn more about whole home audio, and how Sonance in-surface speakers can maintain your interior design? Send us a live chat below now or fill out our online contact form here – we’d love to hear from you!

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