Your facility may meet code by simply having a building sprinkler suppression system in place. However, this is not enough. Relying on initiation by heat at a sprinkler head is usually too late to safeguard personnel and assets. Where volatile occurrences may likely happen – \mechanical rooms, HVAC, unit closets, garages, storage areas – it is highly recommended that additional smoke, gas, vapor, and temperature detection units are in place to monitor the initiation of fire as early as possible. We offer full system design, installation, test and inspections and, of course, monitoring of all facets related to fire alarm and life safety systems.

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Secure your office or commercial space with a Prodigy Audio Video solution. Our systems give you the power to regulate who has access to which parts of your office or commercial spaces and at what times of the day. The system generates a suite of activity reports available in real-time and recorded so you can track the movement of visitors and employees within and into office spaces. We can secure your business, assets, and employees by regulating access via biometric, RFID, or key-entry control systems, all running on your servers, fully installed and fully supported.


We specialize in providing state of the art security. Whether you’re in need of a simple system for your office or business or a fully integrated system, we have the expertise to help you choose the right system. Security is a concern for all business owners today. Our Smart Cameras ‘see’ who is at the gate, the front door, entering the garage, in the office or walking the hallways on a smartphone, tablet or computer monitor. All camera angles can be recorded to a hard drive capture system and/or a cloud-based backup system. And or course, you can view your cameras wherever you are in the world.

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