Crestron: The Ultimate Leader In Smart Home Automation

21 Oct Crestron: The Ultimate Leader In Smart Home Automation

Learn How a Home Automation System Improves Your Living Experience in Nashville, TN

Are you happy with your home? Even after updating your home décor, installing wood or ceramic floors, purchasing new furniture, or renovating the kitchen, you may feel like it’s still missing something. It probably is! In fact, most homeowners don’t realize what they’re missing. But that’s to be expected. You can’t miss what you don’t know exists.

In this blog, we’ll discuss what smart home automation can do for your home in Nashville, TN. You can decide for yourself: Do you enjoy living in your home, or do you want something better? There’s no reason why you can’t have a 21st-century home – one that you love to live in. Read on to discover the many benefits of a Crestron home automation system.

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Better Living in a Smarter Home

Smart technology is all around us. Our modern lives would grind to a near standstill if it disappeared. From smartphones and smart cars to AI-powered software and products, our lives are greatly improved by smart technology. But many people do not live in smart homes. It’s the one place they spend the most time, and yet it’s void of technology that would make their lives so much easier.

The Crestron smart home automation system changes everything. It’s a customizable and scalable platform that lets you take control of all the tech in your home, from smart lighting and motorized shades to the home entertainment system and security cameras. Sophisticated yet simple to use, the Crestron OS 3 system adds more convenience, luxury, and entertainment to your living experience.


Take Control of Your Home

Think about the thrill it would be to control nearly every aspect of your home without leaving your sofa, bed, or home theater. Or, better yet, imagine controlling your home technology from miles away. It’s easy with a Crestron tablet or app on your smartphone. Adjust the lights, change songs on your multi-room sound system, or check the surveillance footage of your security cameras. It’s so easy, convenient, and lavish. Your home obeys your every command! Some of the systems you can control include:


Indoor & Outdoor Lights

Motorized Window Treatments

Home Theater Systems

Whole-Home Audio

Outdoor Audio & Video

Doors & Locks

Security Cameras

Climate Control Systems

Smart Appliances


How to Live the High Life

Crestron takes your “ordinary” home and makes it a place of luxury and unparalleled convenience. One of the best ways to start enjoying home automation is with an automated lighting system. Smart lighting in your home is programmable, tunable, and intuitive. For instance, you can program different scenes in the system, such as “breakfast time,” “dinner time,” “home theater night,” or “time for entertaining.” Then, select the scene on your tablet, and all the lights adjust automatically. Tunable lights also change colors to help you achieve the right mood for every room and every occasion.

But don’t stop with the lights. There’s so much more a Crestron system offers. If you love watching movies, TV shows, or sporting events, why not let Prodigy AV convert your spare room into a home theater? We install everything from 4K UHD TVs and projectors to surround sound systems, luxury chairs, and theater lighting. Fully integrated with your Crestron system, you’ll have complete command of every technology from one device.


Want to live a life of luxury in a Crestron smart home? Call Prodigy AV at (615) 261-9930 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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