Hire a Professional for Your Home Network Installation

17 Jul Hire a Professional for Your Home Network Installation

An Excellent Home Network Begins With a Plan

The smart home trend is not going away any time soon. As Tennessee homeowners find additional methods of improving their lives by adding smart technology throughout their homes, they will need more robust and secure networks to support their growing technology.

As you move forward with building or designing fully integrated smart homes for your clients, be sure to plan for a professionally installed home network. A successful home network installation sets a smart home up for potential growth. Instead of planning for the capabilities of networking today, plan for future growth! What’s cutting-edge today may be considered clunky in a few years; a professional will ensure a home network’s design and installation are seamless and supported for years to come.

Keep reading to learn why you should consider designing and installing a home network setup for your Franklin, TN-area clients instead of letting them go the DIY route.

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A proper home network can be installed during a new build or retrofit project. However, it is much easier to run wiring before the drywall goes up! A proactive approach from our team at Prodigy can save money and time down the road for not only you but your end-users as well.

Built to Expand

Integrate network cabling and plan for device expansion throughout the home during the build process. Computers, TVs, and a smart home automation system can connect throughout Tennessee properties without trailing wires over existing floor treatments or disrupting a homeowner’s life with expensive cable retrofitting.

Impress your clients with this small yet essential attention to detail and ensure their connected devices, wireless and hardwired, can stream without a hiccup, are reliable, and perform to the highest standards now and in the future.

Add Value

Whether it be a mind-blowing game room or a fully-integrated whole-home Control4 system, these features will attract current and future buyers. Draw even more attention to forward-thinking customers with a professionally installed home network that ensures the reliability and performance of all the smart home features inside and outside the property. What’s more, a resale home’s value will skyrocket with professionally designed and future-minded networking capabilities.

Instead of going the DIY route, enlist the services of our team at Prodigy to ensure your build comes with a robust home network attractive to any tech-savvy client.

Peace of Mind

Ensure your clients are safe from potential network breaches with a professional home network installation. Networks will be secure and password-protected while also serviceable in case any issues arise.

We’re also quick to address service requests, typically within one day, so both your build team and clients will gain peace of mind.


Our team at Prodigy is your local expert in home network installations. Call us today at (612) 261.9930 or fill out our contact form to get started on your very own fast and secure setup!

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