How to Become a Better Host with Control4 Multi-Room Audio

16 Dec How to Become a Better Host with Control4 Multi-Room Audio

Enjoy Easy Access to All Your Favorite Music to Build the Perfect Playlist

The right music during your get-together with friends and family can make all the difference. A delightful holiday carol gets everyone in a festive spirit while old-school tunes offer nostalgia that brings the group together. That’s why it’s so important to have a multi-room audio solution in your Franklin, TN home, which makes it easy to play whatever you want at any time.

Via our Control4 systems, easily choose what you want to listen to and where. Elicit the perfect mood with a curated playlist, classic record, or your favorite artist’s streaming channel. Since it’s so easy to switch between different sources, there are no limits to your music arsenal. Below are some recommendations on what you could play when hosting friends and family.

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Streaming Services

Streaming services are now the number one way that people listen to music, and we don’t blame them. Enjoy an unprecedented level of access to diverse music libraries all at your fingertips. Even more useful when hosting a get-together—community curated playlists. Now you can search for playlists for any occasion, whether it’s a tailgate, holiday party or elegant dinner.

Not all streaming services are the same when it comes to audio quality, though. Since most companies like Spotify and Apple Music compress files when adding them to their platform, you lose some of the quality of the recordings along the way. Deezer and Tidal offer hi-fi lossless audio streaming that allows for an uncompressed sound that keeps all the detail and richness of the original recording. Easily access these services through your Control4 smart home system without paying much more for your monthly subscription than you would for regular streaming services.

Media Servers

Even though streaming has overtaken digital music, which you may have collected at the start of the millennium, that doesn’t mean it should go to waste! Have all your music uploaded to a high-end media server you can easily access from your Control4 system. Not only can you group all your digital music within your media server, but you can upload your CD collection as well.

View your music through intuitive menus that let you search by artist, record, or playlist. Easily transition from track to track throughout the night from a dedicated touchpad, universal remote or even via voice commands. As with streaming, be mindful some audio files (FLAC vs. MPE, for example) offer better audio quality when adding new tunes to your server.

CD Players

Listening to music invokes a different feeling when you make it a more active experience. It’s why some people still love taking a CD out of its package, putting it into their stereo system and listening from start to finish. Relish in the experience with close friends and family. Start in the room with your CD player; knowing with Control4 and multi-room audio, you’ll still be able to hear the music and adjust as needed anywhere in the house.


One reason vinyl records have had a resurgence in recent years is that they offer better audio quality than their digital counterparts. And we can’t imagine a cozier environment than sitting by the fire and listening to your favorite record. Add your turntable to your multi-room audio as well to keep your preferred stereo setup while enjoying the music elsewhere in the house. Use your Control4 system to control volume and in which rooms you want to listen as the party progresses.


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