How to Live Greener with Control4 Home Automation

18 Aug How to Live Greener with Control4 Home Automation

Learn How Control4 Can Help You Save Energy with Ease

Control4 home automation offers a long list of benefits for any homeowner. As a certified Control4 dealer, we love providing homeowners with the convenience of managing lights, shades, thermostats, entertainment, security, and more from a single control device—even while away from home. With this convenience comes improved peace of mind, simplified routines, and a more comfortable lifestyle.

On top of these benefits, Control4 also facilitates energy efficiency in the home. Live greener and reduce your utility bills when you take advantage of your Control4 system to automate lights to turn off when not in use, thermostats to set to eco-mode when you’re away, and much more. Keep reading to discover a few notable ways Control4 helps you save energy in Nashville, TN.

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Smart Lighting Control

When your indoor and outdoor lights are connected to a Control4 home automation system, you’ll never have to worry about leaving lights on when you don’t need them. A Control4 system lets you program your lights to turn on, dim, or turn off based on time of day or room occupancy. You can also create custom light scenes that adjust all the lights in your home with a single command. For example, a “Goodnight” scene may turn off downstairs lights, dim hallway lights, and turn on your outdoor lights for safety. Create scenes that make the most sense for your light usage and lifestyle.

Motorized Window Shades

Integrating motorized window treatments with Control4 helps relieve your dependence on your HVAC system. Open and close shades at the touch of a button or automate them to adjust on their own based on the time of day. This feature is especially important for shades in rooms that face the sun and absorb a lot of heat. Even better, utilize energy-efficient cellular shades that are specifically designed to trap air around your windows to keep your rooms cool during hot months. Additionally, temperature sensors can trigger your shades to close when it gets too warm so your HVAC system won’t kick on as often.

Regulated Climate Control

Just as you can with lights and shades, Control4 enables you to create advanced presets and schedules for your connected thermostats so you can efficiently enjoy the right level of comfort at the right time. Control4 can learn your routines and set your thermostats to eco-mode on its own each time you leave the house. Then, as you arrive home, your Control4 system will adjust your thermostats to a comfortable temperature. Control4 will also send alerts to your smartphone for issues like cooling lapses or high pollution and initiate appropriate action to mitigate the problem.

Remote Access Management

Arguably the best feature Control4 offers is the ability to remotely access and manage your home from afar. If you’re on vacation and can’t remember if you left the porch light on or the thermostat set too low, simply open your Control4 mobile app and check. If your hunch is correct, you can remotely turn off lights and adjust the thermostat with a tap on your phone. Smart home scenes like “Away” can shut down your home in an instant, which is convenient when you’re in a hurry to get out the door. Your lights will power off, shades will close, and thermostats will set to eco-mode so you never have to wonder if you’re wasting energy.

Live greener and reduce your energy usage with home automation. Control4 makes it easy! To start your project, contact Prodigy AV here or send us a live chat below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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