How to Transform Your Business with Digital Signage

20 Nov How to Transform Your Business with Digital Signage

Find Out How Engaging Content Helps You Attract and Retain Clients

Are you still relying on static signage to promote your business? An outdated messaging platform will make your company look unprofessional and encourage customers to seek out your competition instead. Professional digital signage solutions offer a more efficient and interactive way to engage with your customers to promote products, share vital information, and entertain clients.

Let us show you the many ways that integrating digital signage into your commercial audio video solution will help you stand out from the competition. This revamped messaging will boost sales, reduce overhead, and lead to more satisfied customers in your Brentwood, TN, business.

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Engage Shoppers with Self-Help Kiosks  

Although it’s always good to have employees present to give your customers one-on-one support, sometimes those customers would rather take care of themselves. Letting them get the information they want through self-help kiosks not only leads to more engaged customers but a reduced workload on your staff as well. Embrace powerful analytics that let you see what people buy most often, what they tend to search together, and what information they look for before purchasing.

Revamp Your Content Instantly  

How often do you switch out your business’ promotional content? As promotions end or there are new products you want to showcase, it can be taxing both physically and financially to roll out a whole new campaign. Now, all it takes is a couple of clicks on your computer to completely revamp your messaging.

For any seasonal promotions, take advantage of scheduled changes. The second a significant event or holiday passes, displays automatically switch back to regular promotions. Eliminating outdated messages will reassure customers while ensuring you’re not wasting valuable signage.

Leverage the Power of Audiovisuals

Getting people into your business is often the biggest challenge. Amaze and attract those passing by with dynamic audiovisuals that stand out compared to static displays. Intel found in a 3-month study that, on average, digital signs received 400 percent more views than static signs. Loop video ads, testimonials and more that are more likely to attract visitors. Alternate this content regularly using your commercial audio video system.

Reduce Perceived Waiting Times

Long lines are the most irritating part of shopping according to 69% of shoppers. Self-help kiosks are one way to deal with this challenge. Long lines also seem shorter if your customers are preoccupied. Having entertaining content by your checkout areas or waiting rooms is a great way to keep client morale high even as they wait in line.

Since our commercial AV systems let you combine text and video, you can create engaging content. Have a video ad playing while sports scores or news tickers loop on the bottom or sides. Add educational tips if you’re employing digital signage in a medical setting.


Let us craft a custom digital signage solution that helps you better attract and retain customers. Reach out to our team of experts by calling 615.261.9930, filling out our contact form, or chatting with us below.

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