Is Your Home Network Under Strain? You May Need an Upgrade

03 Apr Is Your Home Network Under Strain? You May Need an Upgrade

Our Professional Home Network Installation Experts Are Here to Help

Network connectivity is no longer a luxury. It’s a must-have utility that homes and families rely on for most day-to-day activities, whether for work, school, or entertainment.  Smart homes especially rely on a robust home network to maintain a fast, reliable, and secure connection around the clock

As more devices in your home come online and demand more data, your current network must be able to stand the test of your increasingly connected life. That’s where our professional home network installation experts can help. Read on to learn how we can remedy common network connectivity issues you currently—or may soon—experience in your Nashville, TN home.

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Do You Experience Spotty Wireless Signals?

Are there sore spots throughout your home for wireless signals? Perhaps you’ve experienced weak Wi-Fi connection when walking upstairs or stepping out onto your back porch. Expansive properties that rely on a wireless router often don’t have the coverage needed to blanket every room with a robust signal.

We can solve this problem with strategically placed wireless access points in weak spots of your home, or with mesh networking solutions that daisy-chain connectivity throughout your property. We can also recommend and install higher-end routers with the latest wi-fi standards, better antennas, and stronger radios for range. We’ll assess your weak spots and find the perfect solution for your connectivity needs.


Is Your Internet Connection Often Slow?

It can be difficult to identify the cause of slow connectivity issues. A common way to diagnose them is to restart the device in question, as well as to check similar wireless devices to see if they are also suffering a slow connection. If all wireless devices are having issues, it’s probably your internet connection.

Routine connectivity performance issues could mean your router is the culprit. Some routers don’t have the capacity to handle data-heavy smart devices and digital entertainment streaming at once. A simple upgrade to a router with faster processors, more memory, and more sophisticated software that priorities network traffic may be exactly what you need.


Are More Family Members Using Your Network?

There are many situations that may lead to higher foot traffic in your home at any given time: holidays, inclement weather, and health crises like the COVID-19 pandemic. When events like this occur, your home network will be under much more strain than usual.

Distance learning for kids, remote working via video meetings, and increased reliance on digital entertainment like movies and music will demand more from your home network, which is why now is a critical time to ensure your home network can perform reliably when needed most. Our networking experts will assess your home network performance, point out problem areas, and recommend and install a networking system that will provide a hassle-free connected experience now and into the future.



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