Optimize Your Outdoor Audio with Sonance Landscape Speakers

17 Feb Optimize Your Outdoor Audio with Sonance Landscape Speakers

Take Advantage of a Professional Outdoor AV Installation for Top-Notch Performance

Outdoor AV installations are most popular this time of year when everyone is yearning to get back outdoors for the fresh spring weather. Generally, in February and March, we get a lot of questions about the best way to create entertainment environments outdoors in Nashville, TN. How can you bring the quality of indoor audio and video to your patio, pool, and backyard?

Even though each project will vary, it all comes down to having the right equipment and design. Not only does your equipment need to be able to brave the elements, but it needs to be installed properly to get its full benefits. Almost all of our outdoor AV projects use Sonance speakers since they make it so easy to design high-performance outdoor sound systems.

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Invest in Dedicated Outdoor AV Equipment

The biggest mistake you can make during an outdoor AV installation is to try and use indoor equipment outside. Any indoor speakers will wear down quickly when dealing with the elements and won’t have the power necessary to fill out large open spaces. Sonance designs speakers and subwoofers specifically for outdoor use.

Not only do Sonance landscape speakers use a dark brown composite to prevent rust and chipping, but they also feature triple-sealed enclosures to keep out water and debris. Speakers can withstand temperatures ranging from -20 degrees Fahrenheit to 190 degrees Fahrenheit.

Getting high-performance sound comes down to more than durability, though. Using 70-volt amplifiers similar to those used in commercial applications, Sonance speakers can better fill out large outdoor spaces. Sonance speakers are also directional, meaning they purposefully send signals in a specific direction. This keeps sound from seeping into neighboring properties while ensuring even coverage in all corners of your property.

Aesthetics are not an issue, either, since satellite speakers are easily camouflaged among foliage and below-ground subwoofers are mostly hidden from view. You’ll be linking these to Sonance’s DSP amplifiers, which tune your system automatically to the surrounding environment.

Designing the Right Sound System

In most DIY outdoor sound installations, you’ll have a few speakers mounted on exterior walls. Not only do you end up with volume that is too loud for those near your speakers, but once you move a few feet away, your audio is tough to hear. How can you resolve these common audio issues?

For your installation, you’ll want speakers evenly spread out throughout your space to ensure everyone hears the same volume level and quality no matter where they are. Have these speakers on the perimeter facing towards your home to contain the sound while using your walls to amplify it as needed.

Sonance’s scalability is especially important when it comes to outdoor sound systems. No matter how big your space, you’ll be able to get high-quality sound by merely adding more speakers, amplifiers, or subwoofers into your existing system.


Optimize your outdoor sound with a professional installation featuring Sonance’s cutting-edge speakers and subwoofers. Schedule an appointment with one of our AV experts by calling 615.261.9930 or filling out our online contact form.

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