Set the Perfect Tone in Your Home with Multi-Room Music

21 Jan Set the Perfect Tone in Your Home with Multi-Room Music

Stream Tunes in Any and Every Room at the Touch of a Button

The rise of streaming music has completely transformed how we listen to our favorite tunes. A world of music rests in our smartphones, and with a single touch, we can set the mood for any occasion. So, what if it were that easy to instantly distribute your favorite music throughout your whole home?

With a multi-room music system, you can easily control your music to play in any and every space in your home, whether that be one playlist to fill every room or different playlists for different rooms.

Ready to set the tone in your Brentwood, TN home? Just keep reading to learn more about multi-room music.

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High-Fidelity Sound – Anywhere

With the latest gear from the world’s best manufacturers and our dedicated skills in high-performance systems, we can transform your space to house high-fidelity speakers virtually anywhere you want to stream music at top-grade resolution.

We partner with brands like Crestron, James Loudspeaker, and Sonance to deliver only the best-in-class audio distribution systems and speakers to create a customized musical haven.

Want immersive sound in your kitchen for when you cook and host dinner parties? No problem. What about a sound system in your bathroom? We can do that, too. Your smart home poses no limits.

For easy control, you’ll be able to manage each of your music zones from a single device, whether it be an in-wall touch panel, your smartphone, or a tablet.

Music That’s Heard, Not Seen

Speakers in any and every room? You may be thinking about how an installation of that scale would affect your home’s interior design. Fortunately, today’s advanced audio systems deliver impeccable sound in a range of environments without intruding on your décor.

In-ceiling or in-wall speakers stay concealed behind walls or covered with fabric or paint, staying out of sight but still producing the same high-quality sound. You can even opt for architectural speakers that mimic beautiful furnishings and add to the style of your home.

What’s more, your audio distribution system can stay hidden in a centralized closet, doing all the work behind the scenes. No clutter, no clunky tech, no mess. Just clean, high-quality sound.

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Unlimited Streaming Options

Once your multi-room audio system is set up, the fun begins. Select from an unlimited number of playlists, artists, songs, podcasts, and more from popular streaming services like Spotify or Pandora. Or enjoy truly high-fidelity sound with premium streaming services like Tidal that offers studio-quality lossless streaming at 1141Kbps.

When you come home from work, choose a playlist that sets the tone for relaxation in your kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. You’ll ease into a slow evening while also being entertained by your favorite artists.

Your tunes won’t be disturbed by the playlist your kids are streaming in the game room or the podcast your spouse is enjoying in the lounge. Everyone can simultaneously play what complements their mood with one intuitive control.

At Prodigy AV, we are committed to providing the most reliable technology and the best services available in our industry. Ready to transform your home into a multi-room musical haven? Give us a call at (615) 261-9930 or fill out our contact form to get started. We’d love to hear from you.


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