Take Smart Home Control Up a Notch with Voice Activation

20 Feb Take Smart Home Control Up a Notch with Voice Activation

Command Your Every Whim with Just Your Voice

 How do you control the smart devices in your home? Maybe you use in-wall keypads, a universal remote, or even an app on your phone. While these solutions provide intuitive ways to stay in charge of your smart home, there’s one form of home control that takes the cake of convenience: your voice.

We’ve all heard of smart home voice control, especially with the popular rise of solutions like Amazon Alexa. But how exactly does commanding your smart devices by voice simplify your lifestyle in Nashville, TN? And what all can you do with voice control in the home? We cover the basics below.

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 The Simplest Way to Control Your Home

Imagine this: You’re coming home after a long day of errands. Your hands are full of groceries and shopping bags, and you’re walking into a dark house. In this situation, it’d be much easier to ask your home to help you out instead of stumbling through the hallway to put your items down and find your control device to turn on the lights. With voice control, you can. A simple command, such as “Alexa, turn on my lights,” will do the job for you so you can make your way safely through your home.

By placing speakers around your house, you can ask Alexa to do virtually anything for you no matter where you are. Voice control allows you to stay in charge of your home without the need to find your phone and make changes in your app or walk to the in-wall keypad to make a command. Just say it out loud, and your smart home will work its magic.

Single Device to Whole-Home Control

When you integrate Amazon Alexa with your Control4 smart homesystem, you have the power to control a single device or multiple devices with just one command.

Want to turn down your thermostat a few degrees? Just ask Alexa, and your home will do the rest. Or take it a step further with a customized scene that turns down your thermostat, switches on your lights, and starts your favorite streaming playlist.

Use scenes for whole-home automation as well. Tell Alexa to turn off your home when you’re leaving for the day or going to sleep. When you wake up, tell Alexa to turn your home back on, and watch as your motorized shadeslift, your coffee brews, the news begins to stream, and more. With customized scenes, you can orchestrate multiple devices to work together to create the perfect environment for you.

Customized to Fit Your Needs

Control4 makes it easy to integrate voice control with your home automation system. No matter what you’d like to control by voice in your home, just add the Control4 smart home skill in your Amazon Alexa app. From lighting scenes to multi-room audio, your TV, and even your security system, you can command convenience, safety, and entertainment completely hands-free.

Our team can help you customize how you decide to use Amazon Alexa with your Control4 system, from creating advanced scenes to extending voice control to additional smart devices in your home. We’ll walk you through every step to deliver a brilliant whole-home experience tailored specifically to you.

Whether you’re a Control4 homeowner ready to upgrade to voice integration or don’t yet own a smart home system, our team at Prodigy AV can help you at any stage of the process. Just contact us hereor send a live chat below to talk to a team member today.

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