The Conference Room Setup Your Business Needs Now

27 Mar The Conference Room Setup Your Business Needs Now

Invest in These Commercial Audio Video Solutions that Help You Stay Ahead

Industry leaders today are arming their office spaces with scalable, reliable technologies that are designed to increase workflow and productivity across the board. Does that describe you?

If not, now is the time more than ever to ensure your Franklin, TN business is fully equipped with the latest integrated technologies that put your company ahead of the game. Keep reading for a few must-have conference room audio video solutions that’ll help you move to the top.

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Distributed Video

Simplify your meetings with one-touch control solutions that easily distribute digital presentations, training videos, and more across all the displays in your conference room. Whether you’re presenting the content from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, distributed video makes it easy to display content on your conference room TVs for everyone to view.

This solution significantly reduces the number of sources needed for every display in your conference room and hides all equipment in a storage closet or cabinet where it can be easily reached for maintenance. With distributed video, significantly streamline the efficiency of your meetings, experience fewer operational hiccups, and get back to work on time.


Crestron FT2 FlipTops

Crestron’s FT2 Series FlipTop™ connectivity solutions make it easier than ever to get connected at your conference room table while concealing all outlets and cables inside stunning industrial designs. A one-touch cover installed to blend in with your table opens to reveal every connection you need at your fingertips.

From VGAs to HDMIs, USBs and more, these handy passthrough cables are ready for use when you need them. Multiple outlets are also available to charge your laptop, phone, or other electrical device while you sit and work at your conference table. Work faster, cleaner, and more efficiently with Crestron FT2 FlipTops.


Integrated Control System

As you continue to implement connected technologies into your conference room, make control a breeze with an automation system that enables one-touch command of every solution in your space. From lighting control and motorized shades to your thermostats, climate control, and distributed AV, monitor and manage all of your technologies from a single intuitive interface.

Say goodbye to a multitude of remote controls, a tangled web of cables, and an array of technological troubleshooting. A control system for your conference room combines all of your smart solutions into one reliable platform that’s easy for anyone to use.

Transform your conference room environment and empower your people to work smarter and more efficiently with distributed video, Crestron FT2 FlipTops, an integrated control system, and more.


Explore additional conference room solutions and start transforming the way your office runs today by contacting our team of commercial AV professionals here or sending us a live chat below.

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