These Outdoor Audio and Video Solutions Will Spice Up Any Summer Party

19 Jun These Outdoor Audio and Video Solutions Will Spice Up Any Summer Party

Host Guests All Season with a Cutting-Edge Entertainment System

When the summer weather hits, there’s no party host more welcoming than the outdoors—so long as you have the right accommodations to keep revelers happy. An enviable pool and comfortable patio furniture are staples to any inviting backyard, but a rocking outdoor entertainment system will give your exterior space the boost it needs for hosting unforgettable events all season long.

From afternoon barbeques to movie nights under the stars, you can create the perfect setting for any event this summer with top audio and video products from trusted brands like James Loudspeaker, SunBriteTV, Séura, and more. Below, we lay out some top-performing solutions you should consider for your Nashville, TN home.

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All-Terrain Landscape Speakers

Music is a vital ingredient for any outdoor get-together, but creating a soundscape in an open environment can be difficult. With a dedicated outdoor speaker system from James Loudspeaker, you can easily distribute well-balanced sound for a stellar audio experience in any corner of your backyard.

James Loudspeaker’s upper-tier landscape system offers eight satellite speakers, a subwoofer, and two respective amplifiers for abundant and flexible coverage of medium to large outdoor spaces. Designed to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions, every speaker and subwoofer are inconspicuously buried throughout your backyard to provide out-of-sight, high-performance audio whenever you want it.

Easily stream music from your favorite playlist, media collection of choice, or even the audio from your outdoor TVs to enjoy uncompromising sound from any area of your backyard.


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Weatherproof Outdoor TVs

Creating an outdoor viewing environment doesn’t mean bringing your indoor TV outside. Not only would indoor TVs be virtually impossible to see due to sun glare, but their performance would diminish from weather, temperature, and damaging UV rays.

Top manufacturers like SunBriteTV and Séura solved the problem by creating stunning displays precisely built for outdoor use. These all-weather, ultra-bright displays feature technologies that make them perfect for year-round outdoor use, from their durable aluminum casings to their built-in heaters and fans that allow them to function under extreme weather conditions.

Whether it’s your poolside, cabana, or patio, an outdoor TV can beautifully enhance any designed space and help bring people together. Select from a wide variety of sizes and models meant for fully shaded, partially shaded, or non-shaded areas. No matter the time of day or night, you’ll always enjoy beautiful, clear video every time.


Seamless One-Touch Control

Why incorporate a variety of technologies in your backyard if they’re going to be a hassle to use? You don’t need to keep up with multiple switches and remotes when you integrate your TVs, speakers, lighting, and more into one easy-to-use control system.

An intuitive automation system like Crestron brings your disparate technologies together to work in harmony so you can focus more on enjoying your spaces rather than figuring out how to control them. Set one-tap scenes that turn on your pool and spa, fire up your speakers, power on your TVs, and illuminate the pathways around your exterior spaces. Once you’re ready to call it a night, simply turn everything off at the touch of a button.

As Tennessee’s trusted AV professionals, we can help boost the excitement of your outdoor spaces with intuitive, industry-leading solutions that work within your budget and maintain the beauty of your backyard. We’re ready to help spice up your summer! Contact us here to learn how to get started, or send us a live chat below to talk to a team member now.

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