Transform Your Home for the Holidays with Lighting Control

10 Nov Transform Your Home for the Holidays with Lighting Control

Naturally Manage Lights for Greater Comfort, Efficiency and Joy

The holiday season is upon us. Your favorite jingles are filling the airwaves, Christmas sweaters are breaking out of the closet, and those intricate lighting decorations are out in full display. It’s impossible to think of the holiday season and not think immediately of lights lining people’s homes and Christmas trees. More than any other time of the year, lighting plays a vital role during the holidays.

Lights not only fuel the holiday spirit but add comfort and safety when you’re hosting friends and family. With the holidays approaching, a lighting control installation could make all the difference in your Nashville, TN home. Our Lutron and Crestron partners offer intuitive control of all your lights to quickly transform your space for any occasion at the press of a button. Learn about these solutions below.

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Versatile Outdoor Displays

When you mention the words holidays and lighting in the same sentence, people immediately think about beautiful outdoor displays. Inspire the entire neighborhood with a display showcasing various light fixtures and colors. Manage lights from a dedicated touchpad, mobile app or tablet to adjust them throughout the day.

Are you tired of having to turn lights on and off each day? Incorporate scheduled scenes that automatically make these changes on your behalf. Design a scene that turns on lights automatically when the sun sets and turns them back off in the morning. Create others that alternate lights and colors on an hourly basis to help your decorations stand out.

Exciting Holiday Parties

A lighting control installation will also streamline your hosting duties this holiday season. When people arrive, your driveway and walkways light up to lead people to the front door. Encourage greater activity and movement by turning on lights to cool hues where you’d like people to assemble.

Nashville boasts excellent year-round weather, so make sure to incorporate your landscape lighting as well. Take the party outside easily by turning on lights in the patio, backyard and pool through your mobile app or an elegant on-wall keypad.

New Long-Term Guests

There are few things more frustrating than not knowing how the technology works when you’re staying at a new place. This is especially true if it’s something you have to use daily—like lights. Help your guests feel at home during their holiday visits with intuitive lighting control solutions.

Beautiful keypads come with custom engraved buttons, clearly demarcating what each does. Each room has a dedicated touchpad that lets guests turn lights on and off, adjust the intensity, and even open and close shades. These touchpads offer limited access to your lighting control system, so you don’t risk guests changing any house-wide settings.

Worry-Free Vacations

Lighting control installations are essential even if you plan on leaving for the holidays. During the holiday season, many thieves specifically scope out uninhabited properties where they’ll face no resistance. Having lights off for long periods is the easiest way to give away that your home is unattended.

Employing “Vacation” scenes through your Lutron or Crestron lighting control system, you reduce this risk significantly. Designed to mimic activity while you’re away, these scenes turn lights on and off throughout the day. Focus on relaxing during your vacation instead of worrying about someone targeting your empty home.


Enjoy unprecedented comfort, safety and joy this year with a custom lighting control installation. Let us design a solution tailor-made to your family’s needs. To set up a one-on-one consultation with our team, call us, fill out our contact form or chat with us below.

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