Unleash Your Crestron Smart Home with Your Fingerprint

21 Jan Unleash Your Crestron Smart Home with Your Fingerprint

Have Greater Peace of Mind with Biometrics Integrated into Your Security

How do you currently handle access control in your home? Some families still rely exclusively on physical keys, which can easily be lost and fall into the wrong hands. Security codes may seem like a safer approach, but they’re also prone to being hacked or shared with the wrong people. No entry measure will ever be as secure as your biometrics.

That’s why as Crestron installers, we’re excited to bring the power of ekey fingerprint readers to our projects in Nashville, TN. With the simple swipe of a finger, you can unveil all your smart home features.

Crestron’s Global Residential Marketing Manager, Michael Short, explained why the partnership with ekey fingerprint scanners was so vital: “We focused on one of the aspects that makes us unique as human beings—fingerprints. Now, in essence, your finger is the key to your Crestron smart home.”


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The Technology Behind It

All ekey entry solutions incorporate the company’s trademark biometric processes to provide access control that is convenient and secure. Using their intelligent software, ekey adapts to children’s growing fingers and minor injuries, so you’re not locked out due to a paper cut or growth spurt.

During your installation, we’ll use your Crestron interface to input as many fingerprints as needed for individual users and separate functions. Even set limits on days and times when those can be used. Remove people just as quickly whenever you no longer want them to have access to your property.


How You Benefit from It 

Losing your keys or forgetting a password is no longer a problem. Fingerprint readers make it impossible for you to lock yourself out. You can also better track who comes in and out of your property since everyone is using a unique fingerprint for entry.

As with most Crestron smart home features, there are many ways to customize your fingerprint entry. Deploy a duress signal by using your left instead of the right index finger at your reader. Each person has custom scenes activate whenever they use fingerprint readers—virtually a personalized greeting from your home.

Not only does the door unlock and alarm deactivate, but lights turn on leading the way to your living room. In your living room, the TV automatically turns on to your favorite channel, and the thermostat adjusts to your go-to settings. When children use the fingerprint reader, cameras instantly turn on and the stove shuts off.


Do you want to take advantage of fingerprint readers in your smart home? As the top Crestron installers in the area, we’ll ensure you get the full benefits of this cutting-edge technology. Set up a consultation with our team by calling 615.261.9930, filling out our contact form, or chatting with us below.

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