Whole-Home Audio: Surround Yourself with Music

31 Jul Whole-Home Audio: Surround Yourself with Music

Discover the Difference a Whole-House Audio System Makes to Your Life

Do you use earbuds to listen to your playlist or podcasts? Maybe you turn on your TV or a traditional stereo system to play the songs you love. Those are good options if you’re a music lover, but you’re missing out on the best one yet. By upgrading your home in Franklin TN, with a whole-home audio system, you’ll enjoy hi-fi music wherever you go – unhindered by earbuds or a one-room speaker system.

Best of all, whole-house audio can be fully integrated with your Control4 smart home. Comfort, convenience, and complete control. That’s what you can expect from a fully connected home. Also, with an integrated sound system, you won’t have to deal with volume knobs, speaker adjustments, and messy cables. Read more to discover all the benefits of installing a whole-house audio system in your home.

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Never Miss Out on the Music

Are you listening to music, but you need to go to another room or outside? It’s not very convenient to hit “pause.” It interrupts your enjoyment. Instead of missing your favorite song or pausing the playlist, let the music follow you. With whole-home audio, you’ll never feel limited again no matter when, how, or where you choose to listen to music – even if you listen to music outside.

Your multi-room audio system delivers crisp, clear, and high-quality music. Play the music through your James Loudspeakers in every room in your house. Or select specific rooms. With a high-end audio system with separate channels, you can even play different songs in different rooms. Your home will sound like a music venue by installing premium speakers and placing them in the best and aesthetically pleasing locations. If you’d rather not see the speakers, that’s fine too. James Loudspeakers has architectural and hidden speaker options that can be installed in the walls and ceilings – hidden from sight.

Home Audio Isn’t Just about Music

If listening to music isn’t your thing, then switch over to podcasts or radio. Whether you want to listen to the news, a talk show, comedy, or interviews, you’ll find literally every topic under the sun –through satellite radio or by downloading an app. Once you’ve found what you like, it’s easy to play on your home audio system.

At the same time, if you and the family are watching a movie in your home theater, but you need to step into the kitchen for refreshments, there’s no need to stop the movie. You can still listen to it through your kitchen’s speakers. And if you have a whole-home video system, you’ll be able to watch it too!

Make your house and home that’s filled with music! Call Prodigy AV at (615) 261-9930 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.



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