Why a Private Home Theater Is Better Than Going to the Movies

09 May Why a Private Home Theater Is Better Than Going to the Movies

Enjoy More Content Choices, Better Picture Quality, and Tailored Surround Sound at Home

We’re spending more time at home, which means we’re streaming more content than ever. Popular services like Netflix and Hulu give us access to blockbuster films, award-winning original series, documentaries, and so much more from the comfort of our couches—many in 4K resolution. Even major movie studios have released new titles through on-demand platforms amid cinema closures.

With the incredible advancements in streaming content and the quality of audiovisual electronics, we’d argue that a private home theater installation is better than making the trip to the nearby movie theater in Brentwood, TN. Below are three reasons why!

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More Content Choice

Sure, you can binge-watch movies at the theater. But it’s expensive and limiting. Your only options are the films being played that day, and it’s difficult to coordinate all the showtimes. At home, you have nearly endless content at your disposal that you can easily start and stop at your convenience.

Like we mentioned earlier, many digital streaming services have come to rival Hollywood’s biggest movies, featuring a nearly unlimited selection of TV shows, miniseries, films, and original content that you just can’t get at the public theater.

Better Picture

Your neighborhood cinema may have bigger screens, but a proper home theater design ensures your display fills up just as much of your field of view, depending on where you’re sitting. Whether you prefer a TV or projector-and-screen setup, our home theater experts will position and calibrate your display to create the immersive image you’d get at the nearby cinema.

Additionally, very few public cinema screens rival the black levels and high dynamic range we see in today’s modern home displays. Our team partners with Sony, a leader in professional-grade projectors and TVs that master the senses with unsurpassed eye-popping color and clarity. Enjoy the highest-possible contrast ratio and a perfectly curated solution that delivers true-to-life entertainment no matter the angle. So long to frustrating front-row neck pains or battles for that center seat.

Tailored Surround Sound

Commercial theaters win in speaker channel count, but do you need 100+ speakers in your home theater to deliver an immersive audio experience? No. Plus, it’s difficult to balance sound perfectly for hundreds of seats in a commercial theater.

We can tailor sound for the handful of seats in your home theater so that the audio hits precisely for every person in the room. Our home theater solutions include 5.1 surround sound and up, as well as Dolby Atmos compatibility for 360-degree audio that’s so realistic you’ll feel like you’re in the center of the action. Our home theater experts can transform any compromised home theater space into a brilliant cinematic soundscape.


A private home theater boasts all the same thrills as the traditional cinema without the long lines, travel time, noisy theaters, and sticky floors. Convinced? We thought so! Start planning your future private home theater installation by contacting our team here or sending us a live chat below. We look forward to assisting you.

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