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5 Advantages of a Professional Home Surveillance System

A security camera attached to the eaves of the house with another house and mountains in the background.

Embrace Modern Home Security to Protect Your Nashville Residence

The modern home surveillance system takes many different forms—everything from video doorbells to DIY models to professionally installed systems qualify as home surveillance. But, within those categories, there are apparent differences in the advantages of each. Some of these home surveillance tools were designed for convenience and were not meant to watch your entire home. However, professional home surveillance systems were designed to do just that, and they help with neighborhood monitoring and safety as well.

Continue reading to learn the five key advantages of having a professionally installed home surveillance system to protect your Nashville or Middle Tennessee residence.

Elevate Your Home Audio with Multi-Room Music

The image is of a living room with surround sound speakers and soundbars installed on the walls and floor.

Explore a variety of multi-room music systems with Prodigy AV!

For those seeking comfort and entertainment in their homes, multi-room music systems offer the newest technologies paired with audio-visual sophistication. Imagine elevating your living space with enhanced surround sound systems paired with the latest AV technology to impress your guests. When considering an upgrade to your home in Middle Tennessee, contact Prodigy AV, and our certified team of integrators will focus on bringing your music system to life.

Explore the Benefits of a New Home Theater Installation


Ready Your Home Theater for the Holidays

As we gear up for the festive season, there's no better time to ensure your home is ready for hosting memorable events. If you're a MIddle Tennessee resident looking to create an entertainment extravaganza, focusing on your home theater is a fantastic start.

The holiday season is around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by transforming your home theater into an entertainment haven? Whether hosting gatherings with friends or simply creating a cozy atmosphere for your loved ones, your media system plays a pivotal role. Discover how you can elevate your media system and host the ultimate holiday gatherings with these tips from Prodigy AV.

SEE ALSO: The Audio That Defines the Ultimate Home Theater Experience

Why Upgrade Your Home Theater?

In a world where technology constantly evolves, upgrading your home theater is not just a luxury but a necessity. Join us as we explore why enhancing your home theater experience is the key to unlocking a new dimension of cinematic bliss. Discover why your home deserves the best entertainment, from immersive audiovisuals to innovative technology integration. Let's delve into the reasons for upgrading your home theater.

Immersive Cinematic Experience

The holiday season calls for movie nights with family and friends. Upgrade your home theater installation to enjoy all your favorite seasonal movies in the comfort of your home. Prodigy AV offers high-quality speakers, screens, seating, and acoustic treatments to enhance your audiovisual setup, making every movie night unforgettable. Experience every nostalgic note of holiday music and every festive movie scene in high-definition colors and contrasts. 

Continue reading

Protect Your Home From Marauding Porch Pirates This Holiday Season

A family sitting on a couch at Christmas during a video call on a tablet.

A Home Security System Ensures Home Alone Doesn’t Happen in Your Home

This season is filled with potential trouble, from porch pirates stealing packages to accidentally leaving our kids home when we dash out for the holidays. But what if you received alerts and a video clip when the marauder first appeared? Speaking to them through two-way audio, a voice from an unseen source whispers, “Go Away.” 

Or, better yet, what if you received a push notification when the delivery person stopped by, and you opened the garage remotely and asked them to place the packages inside? Imagine the benefits young Kevin McCallister would have gained in Home Alone if he’d had a home security system

If you’re concerned about leaving your kids, sometimes intentionally, or thieves that target vacant homes over the holidays, now’s the time to upgrade the security system in your Brentwood and Middle Tennessee home.

Let’s explore the possibilities.




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