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Your Home Theater Installation Checklist

Prodigy AV makes home theaters that fit your style.

Make Your Movie Experiences Memorable With These Top Features

Are you considering a home theater installation for your Middle Tennessee home? With the right mix of audio and video features, your movie nights at home can turn into top-tier cinematic experiences. Trust in Prodigy AV's expertise to guide you through the home theater installation process, and ensure your space is transformed into the entertainment hub you have always imagined.

Continue reading to learn about some of the top features you will want to consider for your home theater.

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The Limitless Possibilities in Home Theater Design

A home movie theater with a Sony projector, a large movie screen depicting snowy mountains, and chaise lounges.

Bring Your Vision to Life with the Home Theater Installation Experts at Prodigy AV

Are you considering upgrading your home entertainment? A dedicated home theater is like no other. It’s explicitly designed for an immersive cinematic experience that transports you to another dimension and leaves you in another world for a few hours. These rooms are, however, much more than a room to enjoy the best movie-watching experience in your Brentwood, TN, home.

Families use these spaces to catch up on the Oscar nominees, gather with friends to cheer on their favorite sports teams, and immerse themselves in high-fidelity surround sound, and their favorite tunes. Some even use them as wellness retreats, viewing nature on the big screen while tuning into their playlist filled with chimes, running streams, or waves breaking along a shore.

As you can see, this room is used for just about every entertainment event you can imagine and requires a knowledgeable home theater installation team with extensive experience in the industry. Design skills, sound engineering, video expertise, and—most importantly—the ability to listen and envision your ideal home theater are all brought to the table.

Let’s explore what sets our team of experts apart and envision the possibilities.

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The Many Options to Consider in a Home Theater Installation

A casual home theater with a Sony projector, a large movie screen, and a sectional.

Here’s How to Have the Home Theater of Your Dreams

Have you been considering a home theater or a space designed for the ultimate entertainment in your Nashville, TN, home? Are you looking at the calendar and realizing we’re heading to the tail-end of another year? Creating the home theater of your dreams can feel overwhelming for everyone; there’s a lot to consider. However, as long-time automation and high-performance audio-video experts, we can say this will most likely become the favorite room in your home.

Let's explore a few details as your home theater installer to ensure it exceeds your every expectation. At Prodigy AV, we have proven technical expertise and met stringent standards set by the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) and the Home Technology Association (HTA). You're in good hands, so let's get started. 

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Custom Home Theater Designs for Individual Lifestyles


Create the Customized Home Theater of Your Dreams with Prodigy AV

Are you considering a home theater installation for your Nashville, TN home, but don't have a separate room well-suited for a designated home theater? The good news is, a home theater does not need to be in its own room! Today's technology can bring epic entertainment to almost any room in your home. Here's how Tennessee’s leading AV company makes it happen. 

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Why a Private Home Theater Is Better Than Going to the Movies


Enjoy More Content Choices, Better Picture Quality, and Tailored Surround Sound at Home

We’re spending more time at home, which means we’re streaming more content than ever. Popular services like Netflix and Hulu give us access to blockbuster films, award-winning original series, documentaries, and so much more from the comfort of our couches—many in 4K resolution. Even major movie studios have released new titles through on-demand platforms amid cinema closures.

With the incredible advancements in streaming content and the quality of audiovisual electronics, we’d argue that a private home theater installation is better than making the trip to the nearby movie theater in Brentwood, TN. Below are three reasons why!

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3 Reasons to Trust in Prodigy for Your Dream Home Theater


Our Professional Home Theater Installations Ensure the Ultimate Entertainment Experience

A truly exceptional home theater installation paves the way to virtually limitless cinematic adventures for you and your family. Fight crime with the Avengers, box with Rocky, and fly the skies with Harry Potter—all from the comfort of your home.
Creating the perfect home theater with immersive surround sound, crystal-clear picture, and luxury seating is easier than you think when you work with our team at Prodigy. We have all the ingredients and expertise you need to enjoy an elite home theater experience right inside your Brentwood, TN, home. Read below to take a deeper dive into our craft.

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