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The Advantages of a Crestron Smart Home System for Large Homes and Estates


Crestron’s Customization Makes Managing a Home or Estate Effortless

For more than 50 years, Crestron has been the brand synonymous with smart home automation for luxury homes and estates. There are several reasons for this. Every homeowner is unique and so are their needs. Crestron understands this and has perfected the systems and products that allow for individual customization. While many plug-and-play smart home systems can adequately do the job of making a home smart, Crestron takes it to the next level, providing the customized functionality that large luxury homes and estates demand. Let's look at why you may want to consider Crestron for your smart home system in Franklin, TN.

Add More Luxury to Your Life with a Smart Home System

a home control panel with a touch interface placed on a counter in a living room

How smart home automation helps you enjoy a lifestyle of ease and comfort

What makes a house a home? Certainly, spending special moments with friends and family plays a big part in it. And then you have other features, like custom kitchen cabinets and countertops, bespoke wood or tile floors, elegant or modern home decor, and much more! But did you know that technology can elevate your at-home experience more than anything else? 

A smart home system from manufacturers like Control4 creates a luxurious space where you can control every connected technology with the tap of an icon. You can even program scenes that adjust them automatically! From home entertainment to home security to smart lighting, everything is under your control with home automation. Read on to discover all the benefits for your Franklin, TN, residence. 

What’s Behind an Efficient Smart Home System? 

Closeup of a Control4 Halo universal controller. 

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Design, Integration, & Automation

Any smart home system should be tailored to a homeowner’s specific needs and preferences, taking into account the size and layout of the home, the lifestyle of anyone living there, and the expected performance of each device. Hiring a professional ensures a system that matches your lifestyle with products that perform up to industry standards. 

Once a system is designed, its installation and integration with other systems and devices are next. For example, Lutron lights and shades must be integrated with climate control and surveillance. Why? So when a smart thermostat reaches a certain temperature, your shades roll down, and any lights not in use turn off, reducing energy consumption. Or, if anyone is trespassing on your property when you are not home, a single tap turns on the lights at the front porch, adjusts the living room shades, and gives potential intruders the impression that someone is inside the house. Such are the wonders of home integration and automation!

Control Over Every System

Automation platforms like Control4 give you an unparalleled degree of control over your smart home and its technology systems. Lighting control is a case in point. Smart lighting systems allow homeowners to control every fixture, switch, and dimmer at home using a smartphone or another interface, such as Control4’s Halo remote. This includes turning lights on and off, dimming them to a color temperature conducive to better rest or productivity, and setting up schedules that reflect how individual spaces are used within the home. 

Audio and video systems are next in line, and a professional installer can design and program AV devices to match the music taste of a family as diverse as your own. Whether the kids are watching TV in the media room, or there is a holiday party in the backyard, a distributed whole-home audio system brings entertainment to wherever you are. 

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