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Fill Your Home with Music

speaker units in a living room placed on a console

Whole-home audio installation is the key to unlocking true entertainment 

Do you still listen to music with a standalone speaker in your bedroom or a dedicated media room? That’s all well and good, but what happens when you want to go somewhere else in your home? You can’t take the system with you. With whole-home audio installation, you no longer have to stick to a single space. 

Whether you’re moving from room to room, working in the kitchen, or lounging in the living room, distributed audio allows you to stream music, podcasts, news, and so much more throughout the house. Wherever you go, the sound follows. 

Read on to discover how whole-home audio makes your Nashville, TN, property more musical and entertaining. 

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Be Inspired by A Whole-Home Audio System


Experience Music and Movies with Spectacular Sound that Manages the Mood and Ambiance of your Home

Music is an integral part of our human nature; it soothes the soul, inspires creativity, and excites the senses. Just listening to a song is shown to involve every region of the brain and stimulates the production of serotonin- the hormone associated with happiness and pleasure. 

Streaming with a Control4 system offers access to any genre of music from anywhere in the world. Whether relaxing to a classic composition or kicking back with something more contemporary, your sound system should produce the highest-quality reproduction. A whole-home audio installation allows different music to each room in the house, the backyard, or the entire home.

Are you ready to experience full, resonant sound in your Nashville, TN smart home? Continue reading below to find out more.

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3 Ways To Enjoy Your Whole Home Audio Installation


Discover all the different ways that you can use your audio system in Nashville, TN

Are you a music lover? There is nothing better than listening to all of your favorite playlists in every area of your home. A whole-home audio system provides this luxury to your family. There are many sources for you to choose from, so whichever way you like to access your favorites, we can provide a solution for you. To get the most out of your system, check out three unique ways you can enjoy your whole home audio installation in Nashville, TN.


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