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Take Smart Home Control Up a Notch with Voice Activation


Command Your Every Whim with Just Your Voice

 How do you control the smart devices in your home? Maybe you use in-wall keypads, a universal remote, or even an app on your phone. While these solutions provide intuitive ways to stay in charge of your smart home, there’s one form of home control that takes the cake of convenience: your voice.

We’ve all heard of smart home voice control, especially with the popular rise of solutions like Amazon Alexa. But how exactly does commanding your smart devices by voice simplify your lifestyle in Nashville, TN? And what all can you do with voice control in the home? We cover the basics below.

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4 Must-Have Smart Home Accessories to Integrate with Control4


Manage Your Home’s Most Vital Functions in One Fell Swoop

When it comes to your smart home, personalized control is an absolute must. Every homeowner in Franklin, TN is different, which means their smart home system should be custom-tailored to meet their unique needs.

As a certified Control4 dealer, we can customize your smart home system to control nearly every device and system in your house in easy and fun to use ways—and all from the same platform! From motorized window treatments and thermostats to door locks and more, read on to view our list of four must-have home devices to integrate with your Control4 system.

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Whole-Home Audio: Surround Yourself with Music


Discover the Difference a Whole-House Audio System Makes to Your Life

Do you use earbuds to listen to your playlist or podcasts? Maybe you turn on your TV or a traditional stereo system to play the songs you love. Those are good options if you’re a music lover, but you’re missing out on the best one yet. By upgrading your home in Franklin TN, with a whole-home audio system, you’ll enjoy hi-fi music wherever you go – unhindered by earbuds or a one-room speaker system.

Best of all, whole-house audio can be fully integrated with your Control4 smart home. Comfort, convenience, and complete control. That’s what you can expect from a fully connected home. Also, with an integrated sound system, you won’t have to deal with volume knobs, speaker adjustments, and messy cables. Read more to discover all the benefits of installing a whole-house audio system in your home.

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How to Live Greener with Control4 Home Automation


Learn How Control4 Can Help You Save Energy with Ease

Control4 home automation offers a long list of benefits for any homeowner. As a certified Control4 dealer, we love providing homeowners with the convenience of managing lights, shades, thermostats, entertainment, security, and more from a single control device—even while away from home. With this convenience comes improved peace of mind, simplified routines, and a more comfortable lifestyle.

On top of these benefits, Control4 also facilitates energy efficiency in the home. Live greener and reduce your utility bills when you take advantage of your Control4 system to automate lights to turn off when not in use, thermostats to set to eco-mode when you’re away, and much more. Keep reading to discover a few notable ways Control4 helps you save energy in Nashville, TN.

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Put this Smart Home Automation System on Your Wishlist


Transform Your Home for the Holidays with Crestron

There’s no better gift for your Brentwood, TN home—or yourself—this holiday season than a smart home automation system. Making everyday life more comfortable is all a part of the Crestron experience, and who doesn’t want that when we’re spending more time at home than ever before?

With Crestron’s smart home automation system, you can transform how you use technology to make your life more convenient. Keep reading to find out what an automation system brings to the table.

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4 Creative Ways to Use Your Control4 Home Automation System


Get More Out of Your Smart Home with These Ideas

When it comes to home automation systems, Control4 is hard to beat. It’s simple to use, incredibly customizable, and integrates with thousands of third-party smart home devices. If you’re new to Control4, you can learn more about the home automation system here.

For those who already have a Control4 system, our team at Prodigy AV wants to make sure you’re wringing the most out of it! That’s why we’ve put together some ideas that can make home automation even more useful in your everyday life in Nashville, TN. Keep reading to learn four creative ways to use your Control4 smart home system.


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The Advantages of a Crestron Smart Home System for Large Homes and Estates


Crestron’s Customization Makes Managing a Home or Estate Effortless

For more than 50 years, Crestron has been the brand synonymous with smart home automation for luxury homes and estates. There are several reasons for this. Every homeowner is unique and so are their needs. Crestron understands this and has perfected the systems and products that allow for individual customization. While many plug-and-play smart home systems can adequately do the job of making a home smart, Crestron takes it to the next level, providing the customized functionality that large luxury homes and estates demand. Let's look at why you may want to consider Crestron for your smart home system in Franklin, TN.

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Prepare For Football Season with Surround Sound and 4K HDR TV


The Latest Home Entertainment Technologies Make You Feel as if You’re at the Game

Are you ready for big game days and cheering on the Tennessee Titans? If not, the season is quickly approaching, and you may want to consider creating a space with stunningly realistic video and sound that will make this football season one to remember.

A surround sound system in your Franklin, TN home immerses you and your friends and family in an unrivaled football-watching experience. Some say it's better than going to the game—no long lines or parking congestion—just crystal-clear audio that makes you feel like you’re on the field and in the stands. So let's look at how the latest technology has created an unsurpassed game day.

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Smart home automation provides more than high-tech toys; it offers you the luxury and convenience of living in an environment personalized to your lifestyle. Whether it is the excitement and the thrills of a home theater or having the perfect comfort level throughout the home, working with a premier home automation company from the start will yield the best results.

Instead of cobbling together a piecemeal system or relying on insecure over the counter IoT devices, you deserve a comprehensive whole-home platform. With the team at Prodigy AV, you get a professional, flexible, and scalable installation that integrates into your life. 

Do the possibilities for your Brentwood, TN home intrigue you? Keep reading below to learn more.

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Professional Home Networks Offer Optimized Performance and Security

Man in business shirt and jacket presses on touch screen image of network topology.

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Seamless Connectivity

While a reliable network is an increasingly critical component, we continue to put greater demands on it. Today, nearly every device in a house comes with connectivity options. In addition, the IoT (Internet of Things) continues to expand to include an ever-growing list of electronics such as media dongles, toys, appliances, and light switches. 

The demands of constant connectivity can easily overwhelm a network. The result is slow page loads, interruptions, lag, and the dreaded buffering message while watching your favorite show or the big game. Instead, a data network should operate seamlessly in the background, never calling attention to itself. 

The Best of Both Worlds

WiFi gives the freedom to enjoy devices and media without the hassle of wires, indoors or outside. Wireless communication does have its benefits, but its reliance on over-the-air signals has its limitations. 

The frequencies used for wireless networking are prone to interference from other WiFi-enabled devices and even a neighbor's network. Because anyone within the range of a router can receive the transmission, there is a greater chance of illicit access by hacking. 

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Enjoy a Luxurious Lifestyle with Smart Home Automation

A Control4 smart home with in-ceiling speakers and an open floor plan.

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The Domino Effect

All your intelligent systems are connected to your home automation platform and each other. This enables them to work together, creating the perfect setting for various times of the day and activities. For instance, many clients enjoy waking to sunlight filtering through shades slowly rising. Their 'Good Morning' playlist gently nudges them, streaming through nearly invisible in-ceiling speakers. 

As the day advances, the shades on south-facing windows lower, reducing solar heat gain and the strain on HVAC systems. At the same time, the lighting in occupied rooms adjusts, maintaining the perfect level of illumination. Like a domino, one system affects another, creating the perfect atmosphere.

A Home That Welcomes You

Geofencing creates an invisible boundary tripped by your smartphone. This enables your smart home to start preparing for you as soon as you pull into the driveway at the end of the day. In response, it illuminates your landscape and first-floor lights, turns on your ‘Welcome Home’ playlist, adjusts the temperature, and heats the spa.  

A Space for Entertainment

Many clients incorporate distributed audio-video systems that deliver the best entertainment over the same platform. All the AV gear is tucked away in a closet and distributed to every 4K HDR TV and in-ceiling, bookshelf, and floorstanding speaker. These systems deliver superior, high-fidelity sound and stunning video to every room and are effortlessly managed with one touch. 

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A backyard with a pool, fire pit, outdoor TV, and fireplace.

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A smart home lets you manage your connected devices with one touch or voice command. While the technology behind such an awe-inspiring lifestyle may be complicated and require extensive knowledge, it’s this knowledge that ensures you live in a home that responds to your every need with no effort on your part.

How do you know Prodigy AV is up to the task? As a Control4 Diamond Dealer, Crestron Platinum Elite Dealer, Lutron Diamond Dealer, and HTA Luxury Certified Company, you can trust that Prodigy has the extensive knowledge and years of experience to design, engineer, integrate, program, and support the best in luxury home automation.


Enjoying smart home living requires a customized approach. Different aspects of home automation are important to different people. You may not want a hot spa, beautiful landscape lighting, and relaxing tunes drifting through your backyard when you get home from a long day at work. Instead, you may want to relax in the living room with a glass of wine, your favorite TV series, and the lights settling into a shade of color that matches the setting sun. 

That’s the essence of a customized smart home. We program your smart devices to respond to your many activities and moods with the touch of a button, creating an environment just the way you and your family like it.

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