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5 Advantages of a Professional Home Surveillance System

A security camera attached to the eaves of the house with another house and mountains in the background.

Embrace Modern Home Security to Protect Your Nashville Residence

The modern home surveillance system takes many different forms—everything from video doorbells to DIY models to professionally installed systems qualify as home surveillance. But, within those categories, there are apparent differences in the advantages of each. Some of these home surveillance tools were designed for convenience and were not meant to watch your entire home. However, professional home surveillance systems were designed to do just that, and they help with neighborhood monitoring and safety as well.

Continue reading to learn the five key advantages of having a professionally installed home surveillance system to protect your Nashville or Middle Tennessee residence.

Elevate Your Home Audio with Multi-Room Music

The image is of a living room with surround sound speakers and soundbars installed on the walls and floor.

Explore a variety of multi-room music systems with Prodigy AV!

For those seeking comfort and entertainment in their homes, multi-room music systems offer the newest technologies paired with audio-visual sophistication. Imagine elevating your living space with enhanced surround sound systems paired with the latest AV technology to impress your guests. When considering an upgrade to your home in Middle Tennessee, contact Prodigy AV, and our certified team of integrators will focus on bringing your music system to life.

Explore the Benefits of a New Home Theater Installation


Ready Your Home Theater for the Holidays

As we gear up for the festive season, there's no better time to ensure your home is ready for hosting memorable events. If you're a MIddle Tennessee resident looking to create an entertainment extravaganza, focusing on your home theater is a fantastic start.

The holiday season is around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by transforming your home theater into an entertainment haven? Whether hosting gatherings with friends or simply creating a cozy atmosphere for your loved ones, your media system plays a pivotal role. Discover how you can elevate your media system and host the ultimate holiday gatherings with these tips from Prodigy AV.

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Why Upgrade Your Home Theater?

In a world where technology constantly evolves, upgrading your home theater is not just a luxury but a necessity. Join us as we explore why enhancing your home theater experience is the key to unlocking a new dimension of cinematic bliss. Discover why your home deserves the best entertainment, from immersive audiovisuals to innovative technology integration. Let's delve into the reasons for upgrading your home theater.

Immersive Cinematic Experience

The holiday season calls for movie nights with family and friends. Upgrade your home theater installation to enjoy all your favorite seasonal movies in the comfort of your home. Prodigy AV offers high-quality speakers, screens, seating, and acoustic treatments to enhance your audiovisual setup, making every movie night unforgettable. Experience every nostalgic note of holiday music and every festive movie scene in high-definition colors and contrasts. 

Continue reading

Protect Your Home From Marauding Porch Pirates This Holiday Season

A family sitting on a couch at Christmas during a video call on a tablet.

A Home Security System Ensures Home Alone Doesn’t Happen in Your Home

This season is filled with potential trouble, from porch pirates stealing packages to accidentally leaving our kids home when we dash out for the holidays. But what if you received alerts and a video clip when the marauder first appeared? Speaking to them through two-way audio, a voice from an unseen source whispers, “Go Away.” 

Or, better yet, what if you received a push notification when the delivery person stopped by, and you opened the garage remotely and asked them to place the packages inside? Imagine the benefits young Kevin McCallister would have gained in Home Alone if he’d had a home security system

If you’re concerned about leaving your kids, sometimes intentionally, or thieves that target vacant homes over the holidays, now’s the time to upgrade the security system in your Brentwood and Middle Tennessee home.

Let’s explore the possibilities.

5 Benefits of Working with a Certified Lutron Dealer

A bedroom with Lutron motorized shades.

Experience a Professional Lutron Installation!

If you want to improve your home's lighting and shading systems, Lutron is the go-to trusted name in the industry. Their cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions have changed the way we control and automate our lighting, shades, and temperature. 

However, to ensure you get the most out of your investment, it's essential to work with a certified Lutron dealer. Come along to explore five significant benefits of collaborating with a certified dealer for all your Nashville, TN, Lutron needs!

Design Your Perfect Home With Motorized Window Treatments


Balance Aesthetics and Functionality in Your Nashville Residence

Your home is your calling card, and its design can be viewed as a reflection of you. When choosing the finite details, some decisions you make can be just as crucial to the overall essence of your residence as your structural choices. 

From paint colors to flooring, the big choices are clear; but other design details make a world of difference in everyday comfort. This is where motorized window treatments come in to balance your home's aesthetics and function. 

Continue reading to explore the reasons why your Middle Tennessee home's design should incorporate automated design features like motorized shades.

Protect Home and Loved Ones With a Smart Security System

A home’s backyard with a pool and bright lights.

Smart Security Offers Remote Access and Presence Simulation

Home security systems have been growing in use as technology advances and homeowners look to create a secure environment. Gone are the blaring sirens and systems that often led to false alarms. In their place is a smart security system that not only protects those you love from intruders but also from the daily mishaps that accompany living. 

At Prodigy AV, we integrate smart home automation and security, creating an environment that offers convenience and safety. Let’s explore how these systems are protecting homes in Nashville, TN.

How Can Working with a Crestron Dealer Benefit Your Smart Home Installation?


Let Prodigy AV Make Bringing Top-Tier Solutions to Your Home a Breeze

Smart home automation can create the luxurious lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of for your family’s day-to-day routine. However, achieving this perfect smart home setup might not be as straightforward as it seems.

This is where a trusted Crestron dealer can make all the difference for your upcoming smart home projects. In this blog, we'll explore the variety of ways in which working with a Crestron dealer like Prodigy AV can significantly benefit your Nashville, TN, property’s smart home upgrades and installations.

Your Home Theater Installation Checklist

Prodigy AV makes home theaters that fit your style.

Make Your Movie Experiences Memorable With These Top Features

Are you considering a home theater installation for your Middle Tennessee home? With the right mix of audio and video features, your movie nights at home can turn into top-tier cinematic experiences. Trust in Prodigy AV's expertise to guide you through the home theater installation process, and ensure your space is transformed into the entertainment hub you have always imagined.

Continue reading to learn about some of the top features you will want to consider for your home theater.

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A backyard with a pool, fire pit, outdoor TV, and fireplace.


In today's busy world, sometimes the simple things mean the most. It’s waking to window coverings opening before you even get out of bed and an uplifting playlist streaming through your home. Tapping an app when you’re at work creates the perfect home environment before your return. It’s pushing a button by the side of the bed to turn off all the lights, lock the doors, and arm the alarm system before you retire. Did you hear a noise by the back door in the middle of the night? Pick up the touchscreen by the side of the bed and look at the security camera feed. 

In essence, it’s simple, easy-to-use one-touch control of your entire home, and it's possible through smart home automation. Let’s explore this remarkable technology and the ease of living it offers in Middle Tennessee. 


A home theater designer helps with every detail of your entertainment setup.


After scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram, we've all dreamed of luxury enhancements we could make to our homes. These dreams might seem far from reality, but bringing them to life is possible if you have the right connections. 

Continue reading to learn what it takes to bring visions of a luxury home theater to life in your Nashville, TN, home when you enlist the help of a skilled home theater designer like Prodigy AV.




Smart technology is creeping into every corner of our homes. Windows are no exception. Motorized window shades are increasingly becoming a part of smart home upgrades, but many people are still confused about their value, utility, and worth. If you are one of them, here are some reasons why you should replace your standard window coverings with motorized shades in Brentwood, TN, and the rest of middle Tennessee.

Work With a Professional Outdoor Lighting Installer

Photo of a beautiful backyard and pool space with inviting landscape and outdoor lighting.


Our homes become smarter, more efficient, and increasingly convenient every day. While the integration of automation technology has primarily focused on enhancing the indoor living experience, there is a compelling case for extending the benefits of automation to our outdoor spaces. 

Today, we will explore the advantages of outdoor lighting when working with a professional outdoor lighting installer and how combining it with home automation can transform your Nashville, TN, backyard environment into an inviting haven of endless entertainment.


A smart security system’s surveillance camera in focus with a backyard in the background


Keeping your Nashville, TN, home protected is a top priority! But how can you ensure that every corner of your home stays safe and secured? An upgraded smart security system is key!

With the right technologies and solutions, you can gain peace of mind and secure your premises with just the tap of a button. Want to learn more about the benefits of this system and setup? Keep reading below.

Wired vs. Wireless Networks: Which Is Better for Your Home?

A closeup of a network panel showing a cabling system.

Discover Which Kind of Home Network Installation Benefits Your Household the Most!

A reliable and fast home network is essential in the modern, connected world. Whether you need it to work from your home office, want to have a movie marathon without dealing with annoying buffering screens, or need it to enjoy your smart home experience to the fullest, there is no doubt that ensuring your connection is solid and reliable is paramount. 

Regarding networking options, two primary contenders are wired and wireless connections. Each has its own set of advantages and considerations. In this blog post, we will explore the differences between a wired and wireless home network installation and help you decide on the best option for your Nashville, TN, home. Keep reading to find out!


An open living space featuring in-ceiling speakers as part of a whole-home audio system.

Are you ready to listen to your favorite media and music throughout your living spaces at just the tap of a button? A
whole-home audio setup is key. This level of audio distribution across your Nashville, TN, home can transform how you experience your home entertainment.

So how can you optimize this multi-room audio system for you and your family all year long? Keep reading to learn more about the many benefits and features of this setup.


A sophisticated and modern space elegantly illuminated with an outdoor lighting system.


Outdoor spaces are a vital part of summer living, and entertaining in the backyard is one of the great pleasures of homeownership. This is the space where we celebrate personal milestones, gather friends to party, and decompress with sunsets and stars at the end of the day. 

An outdoor lighting system remarkably affects us, especially when illuminating the yard, gazebo, property lines, and pool areas. The dramatic influence on our senses gives lighting a premier place in outdoor living solutions. 

Are you ready to add benefits and beauty to your middle Tennessee, home? Then continue reading more below. 

Enjoy Convenience, Security, and Beauty with Motorized Blinds

 A dining area with half-drawn shades and sunlight filtering into the room.

Let Your Smart Home Manage Daylight & Privacy

You may have heard of the incredible convenience motorized blinds offer. No longer traveling from window to window to raise and lower your shades, these smart window coverings offer one-touch control from elegant in-wall keypads, remotes, and touchscreens. Is the sun bearing down on your computer screen? Tap an icon that lowers the shades in your home office. Do you want to catch another beautiful Middle Tennessee sunset? Press the button that raises your west-facing shades, then watch them lower as night falls, an automated response that enhances your family’s privacy. 

Incredible as it sounds, these window coverings do much more while enhancing your home's aesthetics and design. Let’s explore the immense possibilities and how they manage daylight and privacy effortlessly.

What a Crestron Installer Can Bring to Your Home

A Crestron smart home with a universal remote.

Embrace Luxury with Easy Control, Seamless Automation, and Optimized Entertainment

Smart homes are the epitome of luxury, providing homeowners with easy control and automation, making home life much easier. But not all smart home systems are made the same. Crestron Home can turn your Middle Tennessee home into a luxury smart home with automation, entertainment, and security that simply works. Keep reading to learn what a Crestron installer can bring to your home!

Enjoy a Luxurious Lifestyle with Smart Home Automation

A Control4 smart home with in-ceiling speakers and an open floor plan.

Smart Home Living Brings Beauty, Entertainment, & Effortless Control

As technology continues transforming the world around us, we're left with exciting innovations that are not always easy to manage. Each new smart device requires us to open a separate app when we want to control our lights, lower our shades, glance at our security camera feeds, or lock the doors. The ease of living promised by smart home automation leaves us feeling slightly challenged and a little irritated. 

There is a better way. 

A home automation platform offers centralized control of your many smart devices and systems. From one user-friendly device suited to your preferences, you manage your lighting, climate, security, media, pool and spa, and more. By integrating sensors and programmed schedules, your smart home prepares itself for you, crafting the perfect environment with no effort on your part. 

Let’s explore the possibilities and how homeowners in middle Tennessee enjoy a luxurious lifestyle through smart home automation.




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