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What Makes a Media Room Design Family Friendly?

A modern media room features a large projector screen displaying a vibrant ocean wave scene, with comfortable seating including a sectional sofa and armchairs

Create a Perfect Gathering Space for the Entire Family to Enjoy 

One of the most rewarding aspects of a home is the ability to bring the family together. A well-designed media room does just that by creating a dedicated space for shared experiences. Whether it's movie nights, gaming sessions, or simply enjoying music together, a media room should cater to every family member. This blog showcases our media room designs in Nashville, TN, that everyone in your immediate and extended family will love. 

Transform Your Backyard with Motorized Patio Comfort Shades

A contemporary backyard with a pool and a patio area with motorized shades rolled up fully.

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The Ideal Outdoor Space

Motorized patio shades installed by Prodigy AV give homeowners a versatile solution for enjoying their outdoor living areas longer throughout the year. These technology-infused shades help keep insects at bay, reduce the sun’s glare, and increase the privacy of your patio—they are the perfect addition to your backyard.

Bug-Free Relaxation

Have you ever enjoyed a peaceful dinner outdoors without bugs buzzing around? Motorized patio shades are constructed from a tightly woven mesh screen that acts as an effective barrier against insects. This extra protection allows you to relax and savor those long, tranquil summer evenings without any pestering interruptions.

Solar Control for Comfort

Motorized patio shades are also helpful in protecting against the intense afternoon sun. Our recommended shades use high-quality solar screen fabric to block harsh sunlight, reduce glare, and provide essential shade on hot days. Solar screens also help protect outdoor furniture from sun damage so it remains colorful and durable long into the future.

Privacy at Your Command

Turn your patio into a private sanctuary using motorized patio shades as a protective barrier from prying eyes. Shades come in various opacities to help obstruct the view from outside while still allowing you to enjoy the beautiful scenery outdoors. Choose a shade, color, and style that complements your home's design.

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Try Steinway Speakers at Prodigy AV


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Introducing Steinway Lyngdorf

The Steinway Lyngdorf brand is the result of a collaboration between the legendary piano manufacturer Steinway & Sons and Lyngdorf Audio, a digital sound processing pioneer. This partnership has resulted in the creation of audio systems that combine both of their championed talents to deliver sound at the “highest degree possible.”

Why Steinway & Sons Speakers?

Steinway speakers are designed to produce the clearest, most detailed sounds that can bring music, movies, and TV shows to life. They are a premier audio brand for home cinemas, media rooms, outdoor audio, and distributed audio uses. With Steinway & Sons speakers, you can expect the following:

  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Elegant and modern designs
  • Innovative technology features


Steinway Lyngdorf’s RoomPerfect technology is the textbook combination of Steinway’s speakers and Lyngdorf’s technology. Together, the brand delivers a sophisticated solution for adapting sound to meet the unique acoustic needs of any space. It works by taking detailed measurements of a room and applying corrections to the audio signal to provide optimal sound quality for the room. RoomPerfect ensures high-fidelity sound that can transform any listening experience.

Bass Management

Another key technology component of Steinway Lyngdorf speakers is the integration of art and science into Bass Management. By routing bass information between different channels and speakers, Steinway systems deliver a natural clarity and fully controlled bass sound that preserves the quality of your loudspeakers’ output. With this transformational technology, bass sounds are delivered with a celebrated richness that doesn’t splat or distract.

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How Managed IT Services Deliver Optimal Efficiency for Your Company

A group collaborating in a meeting space.

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Rely on the Experts

When you work with Prodigy AV, you have access to a team of IT experts who are well-educated in the technical needs of your business. Our professionals have a far-ranging knowledge of technology, including its unique complexities and requirements. Our team will engage with you to ensure that the setup will meet your needs both today and in the future. As your managed IT services provider, we will keep tabs on your technology so you can focus on important projects and support core business operations.

Prompt and Efficient Support

Our commitment to your company will include promptly responding to your IT needs. Technicians work to address any issues with prompt efficiency, whether a system glitch or a software update. Prodigy AV understands that downtime can cost money, so we’ll try our best to keep you up and running by responding to concerns in a timely manner. Our ongoing maintenance services will proactively monitor equipment to identify concerns quickly, helping you avoid costly replacements and unexpected tech issues.

Streamlined Integration

At Prodigy AV, we understand the value of integrating solutions to provide the highest levels of security and efficiency. From next-generation firewalls and networking to endpoint security and support, we will ensure that your IT solutions are always working to keep your business running. 

Customized to Your Needs

Prodigy AV is strongly committed to providing IT solutions that meet your needs. When you work with us for managed IT services, you can rest assured that you subscribe to reliable and trustworthy IT support. Our job is to provide your business with access to the most strategic technical tools to support your business and your staff. 

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How Smart Security Lighting Protects Your Home and Family


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Deterring Intruders

Before you even hear a sound, your smart home lets you know someone’s on your property. AI-smart security cameras determine if a stranger is present, sending an alert and signaling the security lights to illuminate. For many intruders, that’s enough to send them running. Add two-way audio, and they’re more than likely to leave the premises.

Flashing Red Lights

Flashing red lights mean something’s wrong. From the red lights on police cars and fire trucks to the OSHA danger sign that states, “Do not enter when red light is flashing,” we understand the significance deep within our psyche. 

This works in your favor when protecting your home and family.

If an attempted break-in is in process, the system triggers specific lights in the home to turn red and start flashing. Not only does this act often scare off would-be thieves, but it also alerts neighbors and any police in the area that a security threat is present.

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Why Building Access Control Is Key to Securing Your Nashville Business

A person gaining access to a room using their fingerprint.

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What Are Your Security Needs?

Before we explore the variety of access controls available, consider the needs of your business. Think about the following:

  • Security Levels – Consider the location of your business and the level of security needed to protect your property and staff. Does your nature of work or the confidentiality of your services require greater protection?
  • Systems Compatibility – Do you have existing security measures in place that you want the new access controls to integrate with? 
  • Scalability – Is there the potential for future growth in your company that would require you to consider the scalability of your solution?
  • Usability – How would you like your employees to interact with the building access controls? Would using a keycard or a smartphone be easier to provide secure entry?

Building Access Control Options

A wide range of building access control systems and options are available on the market today.  Each system has various unique features that you should consider along with your security requirements.

  • Biometric Systems – Provides high security by leveraging unique physical characteristics at entry, such as fingerprints, facial recognition, or retina scan.
  • Keypad Systems – A more traditional approach to building access control, the keypad requires a simple code for entry. While this method is reliable, an access code should be limited to a few people as it can be easily shared.
  • Mobile App Systems – Transform an employee’s smartphone into a key for entry. Mobile app systems are gaining popularity as most employees now carry a smartphone.
  • RFID Systems – Granting access with a key fob or card is an easy way to control building access, as these items can be carried with the employee throughout the day. However, there must always be a backup plan in place in case a key fob or card is lost, stolen, or forgotten at home.

Turn to Professionals for Installation

No matter which option you choose, it’s always recommended to utilize a professional installation team to ensure the proper setup and function of the business access control system. Too much is at stake otherwise. In the Nashville and Middle Tennessee areas, turn to Prodigy AV to install and maintain any system. 


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Elevating Your Lifestyle with Control4 Home Automation

PRODAV---March-Glow-Blog-2---Control4-Home-Automation---Nashville-TN---PHOTO Image is of a modern beige-colored living room.

Control4’s Intuitive Interface

One of the key features we love about Control4 is its intuitive interface, which allows users to manage all connected devices from a single platform. Whether dimming the lights for a cozy movie night, setting the perfect temperature for a dinner party, or queueing up your favorite playlist for a relaxing evening, Control4 makes it effortless to create the ideal ambiance for any occasion. 

Control4’s compatibility with a wide range of smart devices ensures homeowners can tailor their automation setup to suit their unique preferences and lifestyles. Control4 home automation integrates with leading brands to provide a comprehensive home automation solution, from smart thermostats and lighting systems to security cameras and audiovisual equipment.

Elevated Aesthetics

Beyond convenience, Control4 home automation elevates the aesthetic appeal of any home. Sleek touch screen panels, elegant keypads, and discrete sensors blend seamlessly into any interior design, preserving the space's visual harmony while adding a touch of modern sophistication. Whether a minimalist apartment or a sprawling estate, Control4 enhances the ambiance without compromising style. 

Effortless Integration 

Another aspect contributing to Control4's effortless elegance is its focus on simplicity and reliability. Control4 is designed for seamless integration and hassle-free operation. With professional installation and ongoing support, homeowners can rest assured that their automation system will perform flawlessly, day in and day out.

Advanced Features

Control4 home automation also offers advanced features that cater to the needs of modern homeowners. For instance, integrated security features such as smart locks, motion sensors, and surveillance cameras provide peace of mind, allowing users to monitor and control their home security remotely. Meanwhile, energy-efficient solutions like automated lighting and climate control help reduce utility bills and minimize environmental impact. 

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Discover the Magic and Power of Ketra Lighting


Ketra Lighting Technology

Ketra’s fully tunable lighting offers the greatest advancements in lighting since Edison. This LED lighting system includes Ketra’s Color Lock and TruBeam technology, which preserves the brilliant colors and enables our designers and integrators at Prodigy AV to precisely illuminate areas and objects in uniform intensity and color. 

Their tunable LED fixtures can replicate the color and intensity of the light outside, and their full-spectrum lights bring a high-definition palette of about 17 million hues. 
Vibrancy, the first-of-its-kind technology, transforms your artwork and other objects by changing how light reflects off them, revealing them in their most beautiful form. It’s one of the reasons places like the Oceanside Museum of Art, Riggs Hotel, and The Art Institute of Chicago have turned to the power of Ketra. 

When Lutron, the global leader in lighting control, acquired Ketra in 2018, managing this magnificent light with one touch or voice command became effortless. 

Natural Light

As humans, we evolved amidst the changing light outdoors. Even today, this light regulates our hormones, affecting our energy and sleep-wake cycle. Ketra’s Natural Light brings you back into balance by shifting the color and intensity of your interior lighting to mirror the light outside. 

You wake to the cool blue glow of dawn, find increased productivity amidst the bright light of midday, and feel your body relaxing when the soft amber glow of sunset descends.

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Welcoming into Your Middle Tennessee Home

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Josh Makes Life Easy

Josh’s proprietary Natural Language Processing is one of the keys to his incredible abilities. He understands what others can’t, from words that would frustrate a lesser assistant to complex commands that would fry their innards. 

Josh lets you speak naturally, like you’re talking to a friend or bossing one around. For example, if you say, “OK Josh, dim the lights to 50%, and let’s watch The Tourist.” He knows you’re in the media room and that the show you’re referring to is on Netflix. He also knows, because you’ve asked him so many times before, that you’d like the blackout shades lowered. And so, with no direction on your part, he completes the task. When you think about it, it’s a little like a marriage. 

AI Smart & Private

Thanks to his Artificial Intelligence, Josh learns. He comes to know your preferences and, like lowering the shades, completes tasks that have become routine. He also cherishes your privacy and will never sell or use your data for marketing purposes. 

Continual Advancements

Josh is nothing if not forward-thinking. In 2023, Josh One and Josh GPT were born. Josh One is a sophisticated AI-powered home control platform designed for ease of use. The app-based system includes personalized scenes, scheduled activations, and automated programming.

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Feel Your Best with Human-Centric Lighting from Ketra


Just like the sun rises and sets each day, human-centric lighting is designed to match our natural energies throughout the day. This type of lighting can support how we feel and function. And here’s some exciting news: Prodigy AV is at the forefront of bringing this advanced lighting technology to your Tennessee home! See what we mean when you stop by our showroom—the only Ketra Certified Showroom in the state.

Feel Your Best Every Day

Ketra’s human-centric innovation is a new wave of residential lighting inspired by our natural circadian rhythms. With control over the intensity and color of lighting in your home, you can have the perfect ambiance any time of the day or night, directly influencing your mood and energy levels. Feel energized in the mornings with bright and cool light tones. Wind down in the evening with warm, gentle hues. Ketra puts the control in your hands so you can feel your best each day.

Boost Your Wellness and Productivity 

Many studies have shown that proper lighting is essential for our health and well-being. With suitable types of light throughout the day, you can decrease stress, improve mood, and even boost your immune system. Ketra’s dynamic lighting system can mimic natural sunlight during the day to keep you focused and productive. This can be especially helpful if you’re working from home and must check some items off your to-do list. The right lighting levels can also help reduce eye strain, lessen headaches, and inspire creativity.

Support Quality Sleep

Ketra lighting also supports calm and can help you relax before bed. Following a consistent sleep pattern is beneficial for maintaining overall health. In the evenings, adjust Ketra’s color spectrum to reduce blue light, which can interfere with our ability to fall asleep. Preparing your body for sleep more naturally means you will enjoy a more content evening of rest and wake up refreshed and ready for the new day.

Why Ketra?

Ketra stands out from other lighting brands because it offers capabilities beyond adjustable brightness. Ketra allows for entirely customizing light color and temperature, mimicking natural light. This capability sets Ketra apart and makes it a top choice for Nashville, TN, homeowners who value their wellness.

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5 Advantages of a Professional Home Surveillance System

A security camera attached to the eaves of the house with another house and mountains in the background.

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#1. Enhanced Monitoring with Professional Equipment

While DIY security solutions may offer basic surveillance functions, you’ll need a professional-grade camera system for comprehensive home coverage. A professional system will be equipped with advanced features like zoom lenses and high-resolution recording, which help detail findings following a security incident. A high level of detail is critical to resolving complex security situations and ensuring they aren’t repeated.

#2. Remote Access for Peace of Mind

Keep an eye on real-time surveillance with remote access to camera feeds. Accessible through a smartphone or tablet, your professional surveillance system may even allow you to utilize camera panning and zooming from afar. Consider if you’d need to check in on your pets while away or ensure a package has been securely placed inside your door. These capabilities can be a necessity for those who frequently travel.

#3. Deterrence Factor

Installing visible security cameras is one way to deter criminal activity. The camera presence alone can fluster and discourage potential intruders, so position surveillance cameras in easily noticeable locations around your property.

#4. Smart Alerts and Notifications

Program your surveillance system to send immediate alerts if motion or unusual activity is detected. This alert feature helps homeowners stay in the loop about their home’s security without requiring them to check in on camera feeds frequently. These alerts can also notify you of routine events, like a child arriving home from school or your dry cleaning delivery.

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Elevate Your Home Audio with Multi-Room Music

The image is of a living room with surround sound speakers and soundbars installed on the walls and floor.

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The Ambiance of Multi-Room Music

Imagine walking from room to room to enjoy soothing jazz in your study and lively pop music in the kitchen. Or even piping the same music into every room of your house, creating a seamless audio experience as you walk from room to room. This dream becomes a reality with multi-room music systems that smoothly integrate one or more music zones.

With preserved audio quality throughout your home, you can create an immersive, synchronized AV experience like no other. Become the ideal party host with a sound system your guests will envy!

Choosing the Right Equipment 

High-fidelity speakers strategically placed in various rooms and coupled with smart control systems ensure that homeowners can create a seamless audio environment. Bringing the joy of music into every corner of your home doesn’t have to be complicated. When you partner with a professional AV company like us, you can sit back and relax while we create the ideal musical setup for your space. 

Our process begins with an in-depth consultation where our team collaborates with homeowners to understand their unique preferences, lifestyles, and design aesthetics. This information helps us design and build a complete multi-room system unique to each home, ensuring that the speaker system fits with your existing decor.

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Explore the Benefits of a New Home Theater Installation


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Why Upgrade Your Home Theater?

In a world where technology constantly evolves, upgrading your home theater is not just a luxury but a necessity. Join us as we explore why enhancing your home theater experience is the key to unlocking a new dimension of cinematic bliss. Discover why your home deserves the best entertainment, from immersive audiovisuals to innovative technology integration. Let's delve into the reasons for upgrading your home theater.

Immersive Cinematic Experience

The holiday season calls for movie nights with family and friends. Upgrade your home theater installation to enjoy all your favorite seasonal movies in the comfort of your home. Prodigy AV offers high-quality speakers, screens, seating, and acoustic treatments to enhance your audiovisual setup, making every movie night unforgettable. Experience every nostalgic note of holiday music and every festive movie scene in high-definition colors and contrasts. 

Smart Technology Integration

Integrate smart technology into your home theater to streamline control. With Prodigy AV’s expertise, you can easily manage lights, shades, and audiovisual systems from a single device, creating the perfect ambiance for any holiday gathering.

Optimize for Festive Events

Hosting holiday parties? Ensure your home theater is optimized for festive events. Prodigy AV can help you design a versatile space, whether for a cozy family movie night or a lively holiday bash. We’ll ensure that everyone can delight in the holiday movie cheer! 

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Protect Your Home From Marauding Porch Pirates This Holiday Season

A family sitting on a couch at Christmas during a video call on a tablet.

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Thwarting Potential Thieves

Security cameras watch over your property and alert you when the unusual occurs. Today, you also have digital tripwires. Placing an invisible boundary near the pool, by the garage, or around your property ensures you receive notifications and live video feed when someone unknown crosses them.

This strategy may not be as fun as Kevin’s icy stairs and heated door knobs, but it’s the best security method for protecting your home and loved ones when you’re gone.

A Proactive Illusion

Of course, proactive measures are always a better idea when it comes to home security. After all, dealing with a bad apple after they’ve entered a home, as young Kevin had to do, is much more stressful than keeping them off the property in the first place.

One of the best intruder deterrence measures is creating the illusion that you’re home. Unfortunately, thieves have gotten used to light timers, often using their reliable timing as a sign that you’re not home.

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5 Benefits of Working with a Certified Lutron Dealer

A bedroom with Lutron motorized shades.

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Expertise and Knowledge

One of the most significant advantages of working with a certified Lutron dealer is their in-depth expertise and knowledge of Lutron's products and technology. Certified dealers undergo strict training and certification processes.

This expertise means they can provide you with valuable insights, recommend the most suitable solutions for your specific needs, and offer expert guidance throughout the entire project.

Access to the Latest Products and Innovations

Lutron is known for its continuous innovation in the smart lighting and shading industry. Certified Lutron dealers have direct access to the latest products and technologies that might not yet be available through other channels. 

You can stay ahead of the curve and enjoy the benefits of the most advanced lighting and shading solutions on the market.

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Design Your Perfect Home With Motorized Window Treatments


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Sunlight Management at Your Fingertips

While natural light is usually a desired feature for homeowners, it's important to manage it effectively to maintain your home's comfort and protect your interior furnishings. Motorized window treatments give you the power to control sun exposure without interrupting your daily activities. Imagine a system that will adjust your blinds automatically throughout the day to minimize overheating and shield your luxury furnishings from sun damage. If the sun’s glare comes across your TV screen in the afternoon, simply close the shades with your nearby remote.

Embrace Outdoor Beauty Without Compromise

With motorized window treatments, you can conveniently enjoy the views of the outdoors from inside the comfort of your home. Take in the serene morning sunrise or watch your children play in the yard without the hassle of untangling cords or peeking through blinds. With a simple tap on your smart remote control, or by setting a scheduled timer, your motorized window treatments will open and close with ease.

Privacy and Security Made Simple

In the traditional home, window treatments are either open, closed or somewhere in between—often remaining in the same position all day long. Motorized window treatments, however, transform this common practice and provide you with a dynamic and helpful feature. Program your coverings to open and close at times of the day to improve privacy and add a layer of security. Timed settings are beneficial when you're not home, simulating a human presence that could deter unwanted attention. 

Remember, homeowners must achieve a unique balance between aesthetics and functionality when designing a residence. Experts from Prodigy AV are ready to help you explore motorized window treatments and how they can elevate your living experience. If you’ve invested time in selecting every detail of your home's design, let us help you complete the vision with the beauty and practicality of motorized window treatments.

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Protect Home and Loved Ones With a Smart Security System

A home’s backyard with a pool and bright lights.

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The Makings of a Smart Security System

A smart security system creates an ecosystem of connected devices that work together. Electronic door locks, security cameras, motion sensors, automated lights, and motorized shades and windows connect to one platform. 

Because these systems are smart, they know the difference between animals and people as well as strangers and family. When something unexpected occurs, such as a stranger walking up your driveway, you receive a push notification and a video clip. 

Before the unthinkable occurs, you can lock the doors, turn on the floodlights, tell them they've been spotted through the two-way audio, and call law enforcement. And you can do this no matter where you are in the world.

Simulate Occupancy

Police suggest effective presence simulation is one of the best ways to prevent theft. When you leave for the day or an extended trip, press the ‘Away’ button. In response, your smart home randomly turns the lights and TV on and off and raises and lowers the motorized shades, creating the illusion that someone is home.

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How Can Working with a Crestron Dealer Benefit Your Smart Home Installation?


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Our Expertise & Experience

One of the top advantages of partnering with a Crestron dealer like Prodigy AV is our expertise. Our professionals are well-versed in the intricacies of Crestron technology and have the experience needed to tailor your smart home system to your unique preferences. We’ll work with you to design, implement, and fine-tune your system, ensuring that it meets your expectations.


Your home is unique, and your smart home system should reflect that. A Crestron dealer can assess your specific needs, budget, and aesthetic preferences to create a customized solution that suits you perfectly. Whether you want to focus on security, entertainment, lighting, or all of the above, we can build a system that integrates seamlessly into your home.

Seamless Integration

Crestron dealers are experts at integrating various technologies and devices into a cohesive and easy-to-use system. Whether you have smart thermostats, lighting control, home theater systems, or security cameras, our team can ensure that everything works effortlessly together. This harmony between different components is the hallmark of a true smart home.


Crestron is renowned for its high-quality products and reliability. When you work with a Crestron dealer, you can rest assured that you're investing in a system that is built to last. This peace of mind is invaluable in the ever-changing landscape of smart technology.

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Your Home Theater Installation Checklist

Prodigy AV makes home theaters that fit your style.

The Perfect Picture

Anyone who has experienced a home theater knows that choosing the right visual screen is crucial. Would you prefer a large 8K TV, or would a projector-screen combo be more your style? Prodigy can help you measure your room’s dimensions and layout your preferred seating to make sure there’s room for everything you want. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Prodigy AV team for assistance! We’ll guide you in choosing the optimal screen size and type for your home.

Audio for Immersive Movie Experiences

Let high-quality audio transport you to new places and times. With consideration of the acoustics and size of your space, we can recommend a surround sound system or innovative Dolby Atmos 3D audio setup. Either choice is sure to amplify your movie's emotional and dramatic impact.

To further optimize sound quality, consider other audio enhancement features like carpeting, window treatments, or acoustic wall panels that can help reduce unnecessary echoes and absorb unwanted noise, to maintain a clean sound quality.

Navigating Lighting

Small lighting changes can drastically improve your movie viewing experiences. Ensure there’s no direct light hitting your screen from windows or hallways to minimize glare. Consider installing motorized window treatments, to control natural light with the simple click of a button—you won’t even have to leave your chair!


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A backyard with a pool, fire pit, outdoor TV, and fireplace.

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A smart home lets you manage your connected devices with one touch or voice command. While the technology behind such an awe-inspiring lifestyle may be complicated and require extensive knowledge, it’s this knowledge that ensures you live in a home that responds to your every need with no effort on your part.

How do you know Prodigy AV is up to the task? As a Control4 Diamond Dealer, Crestron Platinum Elite Dealer, Lutron Diamond Dealer, and HTA Luxury Certified Company, you can trust that Prodigy has the extensive knowledge and years of experience to design, engineer, integrate, program, and support the best in luxury home automation.


Enjoying smart home living requires a customized approach. Different aspects of home automation are important to different people. You may not want a hot spa, beautiful landscape lighting, and relaxing tunes drifting through your backyard when you get home from a long day at work. Instead, you may want to relax in the living room with a glass of wine, your favorite TV series, and the lights settling into a shade of color that matches the setting sun. 

That’s the essence of a customized smart home. We program your smart devices to respond to your many activities and moods with the touch of a button, creating an environment just the way you and your family like it.

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