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3 Advantages of Using Video Wall Displays within Your Business


Captivate Viewers and Inform Staff with Video Walls as Part of Your Commercial Audio Video System

Signs and displays serve a multitude of purposes. They guide us on streets and through buildings, present prices for goods and services, build brand identity, warn us of danger, and more. Think about the displays used in your workplace. What roles do they serve?

Most signs today are still static. Once they’re made, they can’t easily be changed. This makes spreading information slow, tedious, and difficult if you rely heavily on the signage throughout your office to captivate clients and inform staff. In today’s information-centric world, you should take advantage of digital displays that are not only easy to change and customize but are outstanding in visual appearance.

In this blog, learn three notable advantages of using dynamic and interconnected video wall displays as part of the commercial audio video system in your Brentwood, TN business.

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The Flexibility of Digital Media

Creating, printing, and changing physical signage takes extensive time, labor, and money. Plus, what happens if you find an error in your signage after it’s been installed? The process starts all over again.

Going digital allows you to change information quickly while improving your business’ bottom line. In minutes, you can change your display to showcase a new product, photos from a recent company event, business metrics, and more. Plus, digital video walls and displays allow you to take on A/B testing to experiment with different messages and analyze which are more impactful for staff and clients.


Engaging and Informative Content

Video wall displays present the perfect opportunity to utilize visual content to better engage customers. The brain processes visuals 60,000 faster than text, so why wouldn’t you take advantage of using graphics and video when today’s technology makes them easier than ever to produce? Whether you’re creating a detailed floor map of your building, introducing new goods and services, or building your brand identity, images and video create a better customer experience than stand-alone text.

Additionally, interactive video walls can provide on-the-spot training and awareness videos for new employees, inform staff of company KPIs and quarterly goals, display important weather or news updates in real-time, and more


Streamlined Operations and Efficiency

Large office buildings usually post an employee in the lobby or front desk to assist new visitors with navigation, security passes, and other needs. During busy times, visitors may have to wait in line to get questions answered, which can be frustrating and can also slow down operations.

By using interactive video walls and other digital signage, visitors can find answers to their needs—whether they’re looking for a conference room location, need instructions for filling out certain paperwork, or want to learn more about a certain product or service you sell. This solution helps free up time for your personnel in the lobby to focus on more valuable tasks that help increase efficiency and improve your business’ bottom line.

Get started with a customized video wall display solution for your office space by connecting with our AV experts. We can equip your business with the tools needed to maximize your brand identity and convey messages and instructions in a unique and memorable way—while saving time and money.

To learn more about our commercial AV solutions, or to schedule a free consultation with us, you can call today at (615) 261-9930, fill out our online contact form, or send us a live chat below right now.

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