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Are You Struggling with These Common Home Lighting Issues?


Never Stress Over Uneven, Rigid Lighting with a Professional Lighting Designer

Do you have the right lighting approach in your Franklin, TN home? A good rule of thumb: a lighting design is successful if you don’t notice it at all. Lighting should guide you seamlessly through the day while boosting your mood, aiding your activities and even improving your space’s interior décor.

During the day, lighting often only comes up whenever it’s an issue or hindrance. There’s a glare on your screen as you sit down to watch TV. You're stuck with the same lighting, whether you want to watch a movie or read a book—with your current setup not ideal for either. Sometimes, the issue comes with your monthly energy bill or what you paid for high-end fixtures.

As your local lighting designer, we are trained to eliminate these issues for a more comfortable, luxurious lifestyle. From glare to cost, below, we outline some of the most common issues we encounter.

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Most people don't notice the lighting in their homes until it's causing a glare on their television or computer screen. Even though sunlight creeping in through the windows is the main culprit (don't worry, motorized shades help with that), your interior lighting plays a big part as well. Most homes rely on one ceiling fan for illumination. To get proper lighting, you need a really bright light coming out of the fan. Ultimately, this will result in glare directly from the fixture and even as it bounces off the drywall. Spreading that light out with track or recessed lighting and dimming it when needed is a great way to eliminate glare.

Uneven Lighting

Even if glare is not an issue, relying on just a few ceiling fixtures will result in uneven lighting. In-ceiling lighting fixtures will only illuminate the floor and select areas. A lot of people complain about this primarily in bathrooms and larger living rooms. How can you address an uneven lighting design? We’ll create a layered lighting approach that illuminates walls, aids tasks and spotlights your décor. Each unique fixture is tested to ensure it has the needed foot candles to reach its coverage area.

Unadaptable Lighting

Rigid lighting is as big a problem as uneven lighting and once again comes down to not having enough diversity in fixture type and placement. Enjoying a good book and watching a movie requires two completely different lighting environments. Not only do you want to add more fixtures to give your lighting greater flexibility, but you want integrated controls as well. Employ a lighting control system that allows you to dim lights, change their color temperature and more.


Having a poor lighting design will also affect your wellbeing. Under consistently harsh or dim lighting conditions, it’s easy for you to grow fatigued. Natural light is vital to boosting your mood, which is why your lighting designers should incorporate motorized window treatments that let you optimize it. Do you not have access to natural light because of the season or your window placement? Revamp your mood with tunable lighting that adjusts color temperature to mimic natural hues.


Even though we recommend going with high-end lighting fixtures and control solutions for the best results, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't be mindful of how much you spend. During your installation, there are a few things you can do to reduce costs. Always consult with your lighting designer before choosing fixtures to confirm they fit your space. Invest in LED fixtures that use less energy and have much longer shelf lives. Never waste energy with integrated controls and motion sensors that ensure lights are only used when needed.

Luxury homes shouldn’t settle for generic lighting. Transform your space and lifestyle with a custom solution from your go-to Tennessee lighting designers. Set up a consult with our team of lighting experts by calling 615-261-9930, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below.

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