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3 Benefits of an Outdoor Lighting System You Can't Beat


Create an Envy-Worthy Outdoor Space with Sophisticated Lighting

Robust indoor lighting solutions are a no-brainer when building or remodeling your Nashville, TN home. We all need lights to see at night, but more than that, elegant lighting enhances different spaces of your home, adds to the mood of your dinner dates and movie nights, and even increases security. So, why not bring those same benefits to your outdoor spaces?

You don’t always have to settle for indoor get-togethers when it gets dark. Extend your outdoor hangouts by illuminating locations such as entryways, pathways, decks, dining areas, and more with a beautiful outdoor lighting system. Keep reading for three can’t-beat benefits of a beautifully lit outdoor space.

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Transform Your Home for the Holidays with Lighting Control


Naturally Manage Lights for Greater Comfort, Efficiency and Joy

The holiday season is upon us. Your favorite jingles are filling the airwaves, Christmas sweaters are breaking out of the closet, and those intricate lighting decorations are out in full display. It’s impossible to think of the holiday season and not think immediately of lights lining people’s homes and Christmas trees. More than any other time of the year, lighting plays a vital role during the holidays.

Lights not only fuel the holiday spirit but add comfort and safety when you’re hosting friends and family. With the holidays approaching, a lighting control installation could make all the difference in your Nashville, TN home. Our Lutron and Crestron partners offer intuitive control of all your lights to quickly transform your space for any occasion at the press of a button. Learn about these solutions below.

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How to Create Standout Outdoor Lighting for Your Restaurant


Dazzle Customers with the Right Ambiance for Your Dining Patios and Decks

Lighting plays a significant role in the overall feel of your customers’ dining experience. The atmosphere that you create is just as important as the food you prepare and the service you provide, whether you’re serving casual entrées or three-course meals.

Particularly on warm summer evenings, your customers likely want to enjoy their meals outside on dining patios and decks. As a restaurant owner, you shouldn’t assume nice weather and delicious entrées alone will attract customers and keep them coming back. With the right lighting design, you can dazzle patrons and onlookers from afar.

Our professional outdoor lighting installers can deliver a beautiful and easy-to-control lighting system for your outdoor dining areas in Nashville, TN. Get inspired for your eatery by exploring some outdoor lighting design ideas below.

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4 Tips to Get the Most Out of an Outdoor Lighting System


Outdoor Lighting Boosts Curb Appeal and Increases Safety After Dark

What kind of impression does your property make to passersby and potential buyers? Even if you’re not planning on selling your home anytime soon, adding an outdoor lighting system is one of the easiest and most impactful ways to boost curb appeal and enhance your home’s value.

A well-designed outdoor lighting system also makes it easier for you to enjoy your yards after sunset. You and guests will be able to move around safely and continue dining or relaxing long into the night.

Let Prodigy AV be your guide for all things outdoor lighting. Keep reading to explore four of our favorite lighting tips to help you enhance your exterior living spaces after the sun goes down in Nashville, TN.

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Bring Your Property to Life with Outdoor Entertainment


Create the Perfect Environment for Barbeques, Movies, and Family Gatherings

The warmer months will soon be upon us, and with it, more time outside. Soon you will be enjoying the sun on your face and the shimmering temptations of the pool. There are few pleasures greater than having the space to gather family and friends to share a meal, watch the big game, or revel in a movie under the stars.

Adding outdoor entertainment to your backyard creates the ultimate media center on your property. With expert design and installation, you can have the same level of luxury and convenience of your indoor multiroom audio system and home theater right in your backyard.

Are you looking to make your property more entertaining? Then read more below to discover how you can make your Nashville, TN backyard the best room of the house.


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Bring Out the Beauty of Your Home At Night With Landscape Lighting

A modern home illuminated with sophisticated landscape lighting.

Professionally designed illumination adds to your home's safety, security, & attractiveness. 

You have put a lot of time and money into making sure your home's exterior and surrounding property shine; why would you hide it from view at night? The use of exterior illumination and landscape lighting fixtures furnishes you with the power to create a bit of atmosphere and mood, showing off the grounds in fascinating and dramatic ways. 

When you think of outdoor entertaining, the first things that come to mind are outdoor televisions and speakers. While these elements make your backyard more fun, combining lighting design, your vision, and smart home automation, you can enhance your house's security, safety, and appeal.  

Are you curious about the possibilities of landscape lighting for your Brentwood, TN home? Continue reading below to learn more.  

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Extend Your Entertaining with the Ultimate Outdoor Lighting

A large outdoor patio area with beautiful lighting, a fireplace, in-ceiling speakers, and a TV.

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An Extension of Your Home

Today, many families are extending their kitchen and entertainment areas right out the back door, creating a seamless transition between interior and exterior living. In these spaces, the lighting design reflects the home’s aesthetics, enhancing the sense of a home without boundaries.

Inspired Lighting 

Depending on the desired impression, our team incorporates varying design elements that make your space come alive at night. Some of the many possibilities include landscape lighting that looks like fireflies flickering through the shrubbery. A magical and mysterious mood is created with tree lights set high in branches, filtering soft lighting through the leaves and casting an aura of moonlight. 

Tiki torches poolside set a festive, tropical retreat mood, while bullet lights accentuate your home’s best architectural elements and highlight water features. Private gardens, sitting ponds, intimate seating, and meditation spaces are defined with soft illumination from an unseen source. Well-lighting accents trees, plants, and shrubs, while step, pathway, niche, and lip lights illuminate walkways, paths, and decking. The right lighting adds dimension, intrigue, and a safe passage for your guests.

Gain inspiration from some of our previous projects in our project gallery. The Parade home illustrates the seamless flow of entertainment spaces from the interior to the outside. Check out the Outdoor Oasis to envision how elegant lighting brings beauty to the night. 111 Cartwright Close exemplifies the elegance of fire features, steps, and uplighting.

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A sophisticated and modern space elegantly illuminated with an outdoor lighting system.

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What is the first thing you react to when you enter a room or step outside? Is it the decor, the furniture, or the landscape before you? These indeed attract your attention, but natural and artificial lighting shapes your perceptions of it all.  

Outdoor lighting, at its core, is theatrical; just like music, it generates an instinctive response. The elements and fixtures create a sense of ambiance or elevate a backyard BBQ without obscuring the stars above. Setting the stage with light creates an atmosphere that you can control. 


Create a fantasy space by spotlighting specific features, defining boundaries, and highlighting 

architectural and decorative elements. Accenting trees with shadows or simulating the light cast by the moon adds an inviting narrative. The possibilities are limitless. 

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