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4 Components of a Successful Home Theater Design


Create the Ideal Movie-Watching Experience with These Design Tips

Home theater projects have grown in popularity over the last year and continue to be a rising trend in 2021, thanks to closed commercial cinemas, fresh content from video streaming services, advanced consumer audio-video technologies, and increased time spend at home.

If you’re considering a home theater for your property in the Nashville, TN area, you’re probably wondering where to begin. Take it from our professional home theater designers: Don’t begin with electronics. You can buy the latest solutions in displays and speakers, but they won’t offer the experience you desire if you neglect the layout of your theater room.

Room design must come first. Read below to learn about four design components that make a successful home theater and how Prodigy AV can help you build your ideal entertainment space.



A home theater designer helps with every detail of your entertainment setup.

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Starting with a blank canvas is overwhelming for some, but having a reliable guide to lead you through your home theater planning can simplify the process. After all, there are so many questions to consider! 

  • What screen size suits your room dimensions? 
  • Is a projector a better fit than a TV? 
  • Leather recliners or plush sofas? 

Here’s where the expertise of a designer comes in handy because they'll navigate you through these decisions and ensure that you get a theater that fulfills your needs and considers your preferences.


A home theater designer will help you navigate the details of your design, including lighting. Did you know a movie-watching experience can be impacted by the glow in your room? Glare, shadows, or the wrong light levels can ruin a movie experience by causing distraction. However, with the help of a seasoned designer like Prodigy AV, you can achieve the perfect balance of light and dark to create the experience you want and rival any local cinema.


While the visuals may be the first thing you notice, the sound grounds your movie-watching experience. But when sound echoes, muffles, or loses its timing, it can quickly pull you out of the excitement of the scene. A home theater designer positions speakers, helps you choose appropriate sound-absorbing materials, and explains the importance of your seating arrangement to achieve a great sound.

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