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What Makes for a Successful Home Lighting Design Project?


Combine High-End Fixtures and Intuitive Control for the Best Results

Architects and interior designers are understandably wary of technology. Your projects can easily be derailed by clients who want giant loudspeakers or a huge black screen in the middle of the room. But there is one technology they accept as vital to the success of their interior and architectural design, and that is lighting.

Lighting plays a massive role in your clients' lifestyles. The right lighting not only makes a space more beautiful, but it also enhances people's mood and lets them accomplish more. However, many people still depend on canned overhead lighting that illuminates the carpet, not the room, and casts awkward shadows everywhere.

How can you make sure lighting in your spaces is living up to its full potential? Partner with a lighting designer on your Franklin, TN projects for more layered looks and easy-to-use systems that lets clients adjust to their lights' everchanging responsibilities.

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High-End Lighting Fixtures

Fixtures from our partners at Juno, Nora, DMF and Ketra come in different models with specific purposes. Each falls within four functions: comfort, tasks, focus, and directional. The goal is to have a layered design that highlights the home's best features while boosting overall livability.

Downlights and recessed lights are the main fixtures in any lighting design, but they need the support of a wide range of models for that desired layered appearance. In most homes, these include pendants, linear accents, step lights, and more.

Another thing to consider is not only the fixtures themselves, but the kind of lighting they'll deliver throughout the day. Our high-end fixtures include full dimming capabilities and changeable RGB colors for more human-centric lighting that mimics natural light. Different RGB hues even bring out particular colors throughout the house to highlight your interior design.


Integrated Lighting Control

Whenever the homeowner wants to adjust tone, color or intensity to set a specific mood or prepare for a particular activity, they can do so within a matter of seconds with an integrated lighting control system. They’ll be able to manage fixtures from elegant keypads, dedicated touchscreens, mobile apps or even through voice commands. Pre-set scenes can also improve any daily activity, such as dinner with the family, watching TV and waking up in the morning.

Incorporate timers which are a great way to have fixtures automatically adjust throughout the day to mimic the progression of sunlight. Embrace human-centric lighting to stimulate activity in the morning with colder hues and to encourage relaxation in the evenings with warmer tones.


Full Home Automation

Elevate your project's overall design with a complete smart home automation suite. Motorized shades let clients manage natural light more efficiently. Meanwhile, integrated entertainment systems reduce cluttered AV equipment that drives architects and designers crazy. Smart thermostats boost homeowners’ day-to-day comfort.

By partnering with us as your lighting designer and technology integrator, we'll craft custom scenes that streamline your client’s daily routines. Each morning, for example, a 'wake up' scene turns on the lights, opens the shades, lowers the thermostat and begins playing their go-to playlist. Simplifying their lifestyle is a breeze with lighting control and smart automation.

Want to learn more about how to use technology to make your projects stand out from competitors? To set up a one-on-one consultation with our team of experts, call us at (615) 261 9930, fill out our contact form or chat with us below.

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