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Lutron Lighting Control Provides Beauty and Personalization For Your Home


Lighting Control Can Add to the Aesthetics of Your Home While Maximizing Comfort and Well-Being

Lighting is an essential component of our daily lives. More than lighting our way in the dark, the way we illuminate our spaces significantly affects our perceptions and general well-being. It is well-known lighting with a cool color temperature that makes a room feel uninviting, cold, and can make occupants anxious and unsettled.

The aesthetics of your home are also affected by the type and style of illumination used; changing the look alters its focus and perceived comfort.  Architects and designers often use the play of light to modify a room's feeling, accent the use of natural light and bring focus to task areas. 

Lutron lighting controls combine practical usage with decor and design with shading using intuitive interfaces that complement your Baton Rouge smart home’s style. 

Are you interested in learning more about how an upgraded lighting system can benefit you? Read more below.


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Personalized Control with Alisse

Research shows that the use of natural light in combination with accenting eclectic luminaries increases the well-being and overall satisfaction of the people who live in the home.  Sunlight stimulates the production of serotonin, a hormone associated with happiness, and increases mental focus.

Lutron’s tunable lighting, the Ketra line of products, furnishes your home with both light that mimics the patterns of the sun and personalized lighting solutions through its interfaces. Call up a look to set the mood for dinner or allow the automation to transition to a warm glow as you get ready for bedtime.

The Alisse line of controllers are hand-crafted interfaces that match your home's extraordinary lighting and design. The panels are crafted from natural materials available in a variety of finishes that express luxury and add the finishing touch to your home. The controller button configuration and engravings are tailored to your personal needs and desire.


Palladiom Keypads

Lighting control is not exclusive to electric luminaries and fixtures. Daylighting is facilitated through the windows of a home. Motorized shades and sheers add more than fashion to your space. The window treatment controls the amount of sunlight streaming in, thereby reducing heat and ensuring that your HVAC is not engaged needlessly. 

The Palladiom QS keypads are designed to be as durable as and work as seamlessly as the shading system it was first intended to complement. The wall stations furnish simple elegance with intuitive operation to run climate control, lighting, and more. 

Lutron lighting and control gives you the power to shape the look and feel of your home, from setting the mood in the den to extending home life to the backyard at night.


Want to learn more about how Lutron lighting and controls make your home a more beautiful place?  To set up a one-on-one consultation with our team of experts, call us at (615) 261 9930, fill out our contact form or chat with us below.


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