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Make Your Residential Projects Stand Out with Smart Technology


A Crestron System Can Improve the Experience and Management of These Common Areas 

Nashville is a fast-growing city not only due to its musical heritage: Business start-ups, healthcare, and cost of living are bringing newcomers to the area, making the housing market competitive. As an MDU builder, how can you ensure your projects offer value that other dwellings don’t? 

Stand out among the competition with integrated smart technology. Connected building control systems like Crestron enhance the experience and management of all amenity areas by offering intuitive, centralized control and automation of audio, videolighting, climate, and more. 

Keep reading to learn how a Crestron system can set your projects apart by enhancing efficiency, management, and operations. 

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The Theater Room 

Luxury condo and apartment complexes are implementing shared entertainment spaces like a dedicated theater room or multi-functional media room to help differentiate their offerings from competitors. Residents can reserve this area to enjoy a movie night with friends or watch sports and TV. 

AV distribution and integrated room control make operating and enjoying this space easier than ever by offering residents quick access to entertainment sources, from streaming platforms to media servers to cable, from one touchscreen. Preset one-tap room scenes to dim the lights, retract the projector screen, and set all the right input settings for residents so they can quickly get to enjoying their content. 

The Fitness Center 

Today’s high-end fitness centers offer various ways to train. While some like to follow their own routine, others like follow-along classes. Offer a fitness area with multiple monitors that feature quick access to apps like Peloton, Keelo, and Daily Burn so that residents can sweat with a virtual trainer. Residents can pair their headphones to the display and enjoy a workout without disturbing others in the gym. 

You can also offer easy control of music per fitness zone from a dedicated touchscreen, which gives users quick access to popular streaming platforms and internet radio. From the same touchscreen, users can open or close motorized window shades, operate fans, and adjust the thermostat. Management can set parameters for climate control and monitor settings remotely from the office. 

The Lobby 

Many people come and go through the lobby, whether newcomers are waiting to tour the building or residents are enjoying a cup of coffee and watching the news. An integrated control system can make this area more pleasant for visitors while helping management save time and reduce costs. 

Management can automate room temperature, motorized window shades, and lighting control to work autonomously based on preset parameters and schedules to optimize energy efficiency. For example, when the lobby gets too warm, motorized shades can lower to 50% or all the way to keep the HVAC system from overworking. Lighting can stay off or dim when ample natural light is streaming through windows and then gradually brighten on its own as natural light fades into the evening. 

Distributed AV also makes managing the entertainment in the lobby quick and simple. From a dedicated touchscreen or universal remote, management can select a playlist and stream it quietly overhead in the lobby, business center, and pool area. You can also choose to stream different playlists per zone or give residents limited control over music selection in specific areas, like the pool or courtyard. 


When you add an integrated Crestron system to your residential build, your project will stand out from the rest in convenience, comfort, luxury, and energy efficiency. Work with a certified Crestron installer and technology expert like Prodigy AV for the best results. 

To learn more about partnering with our team on your next project, contact us here or send us a message in the chat box below. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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